Hi folks and Happy New Year

I hope this post finds you all well and fully recovered from the excesses of the Christmas and New Year season. Mine was a lot of fun with lots of time seeing family.

So, what has 2010 got in store for you? I hope that, whatever it is, it is what you are hoping for or hoping it will be.

As for me, I’ve not got anything much on the horizon at the moment. There are a couple of things that I will be posting about in the near future – including one in the next day or 2 – but for now, let me point you in the direction of a new business by one of my best-est friends.

Regular readers (hi there and thanks for reading!) will remember me talking about 2 of my best friends – Peter and Janice. Well, Janice recently started up an online business selling clothes called Janice’s Bitza Store and I thought that you might be interested in having a wee look at it. Go on over and have a wee look. She’s got all sorts of things in a range of sizes – you never know, you might find something you like!

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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