A day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and, in spite of the constant rain, had a cracking day. It helped that the 3 shows that I saw weren’t too shabby either!  Please note that I do not want to give anything away in these reviews that may give away parts of these […]

I’m back – and with new bits to come!

Hi folks. Yes, I know.  It’s been a while since I posted anything on the Blog.  You can blame the likes of Twitter and Facebook for that – most of my day-to-day thoughts go on there but I thought I’d try and change that over the coming year.  I’m not making it a resolution or […]

Peter Harvey and The 2012 KiltWalk

Hi folks My best mate (and brother from another mother), Peter Harvey has decided to take on a bit of a challenge for charity – he’s going to take part in The 2012 KiltWalk, taking place on Easter Sunday, 8th April, going from The National Stadium, Hampden Park in Glasgow to Loch Lomond Shores, a […]

2011 Edinburgh Fringe

Hi folks Last weekend, I had a couple of days at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe where I managed to catch 6 shows – 3 each day. I thought you might be interested in my thoughts on them. I am going to try not to quote gags or tell you which tricks are performed during […]


Hi folks Sorry I haven’t been posting that often lately.  Apart from a second trip to the Edinburgh Fringe back in August, which I only got time to blog about when it was too late to blog about it, I’ve not been up to too much to talk about.  However, one thing that I can […]

2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Hi folks Well, it’s August and that means the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now under way in Scotland’s capital city.  As long-term readers (hi there and thanks for reading) may know, I like to try to get through to Edinburgh as often as I can during the month to see some of the shows […]

American: The Bill Hicks Story

Hi folks Here’s the one-word review: PHENOMINAL!!! For those of you that want a bit more, here we go… As many long-time readers (hi there!) will know I am a huge fan of American comedian Bill Hicks. This is all thanks to my best mate, Peter, who would listen to Hicks’ CDs as he went […]

Welcome to 2010 and a wee link for you all…

Hi folks and Happy New Year I hope this post finds you all well and fully recovered from the excesses of the Christmas and New Year season. Mine was a lot of fun with lots of time seeing family. So, what has 2010 got in store for you? I hope that, whatever it is, it […]

Andrew Callum MacNee

Hi folks I’d like you to meet… Andrew Callum MacNee Those of you who follow me on Facebook will already know that my Sister gave birth to a baby boy in the very early hours of last Saturday morning, 28 November 2009. Andrew arrived, as most of the family had predicted, while I was in […]

Some visits to the Edinburgh Fringe

Oh boy! Where do I start? Hi folks and welcome back to the blog which was on a “can’t be bothered updating but when I can be bothered I don’t have the time” break. Apologies for the serious lack of updates eecently. I hope this post (and it’s a big ‘un too!) will help make […]