Who Is The Cardman?

Peter McLanachan has been a magician for longer than he cares to mention in polite company. Starting with a Paul Daniels’ magic set he got one Christmas (he was still playing with it at Hogmanay!), Peter started discovering a whole world of incredible things.

After some time playing with various types of magic, Peter started to specialise in Card Magic. A few years later, he adopted the nickname The Cardman.

Peter’s magic has allowed him to perform all around the UK, as well as in Germany and the USA. He has also presented lectures teaching his magical creations to magicians in several countries around the world.

Peter calls himself The Cardman – does that mean he only does card tricks?
No, it does not. Just because Peter’s main speciality is Card Magic, does not mean that he does not perform with other things too. Coins, bank notes, balls and other small things can come under Peter’s spell during his performances.

You say Peter is an “award winning” magician – what are these awards?
Peter is a former Scottish Close Up Magician of the Year as well as the winner of the Close Up Magician of the Year at the Irish Magic Convention. His most treasured award was when he was the recipient of the Jimmy Craig Quaich for Services to Scottish Magic, presented by the Scottish Association of Magical Societies.

What sort of events does Peter perform at?
Peter can perform at various types of private event from weddings and dinners to barbeques and drinks receptions.

Magician Peter McLanachan, The Cardman, performing at The Magic Circle