I’ve posted this on my “networking” sites – MySpace and Bebo – and it is a very interesting wee excercise to do. What happens is you put your ipod on shuffle and then answer the questions by writing down the tracks in the order they come up on. Some of these are really spooky!!!!!

Opening credits:
Tombstone by Crowded House

Waking Up:
Billy Davey’s Daughter by Stereophonics

Pilgrimage by REM

Fight Song:
The Scientist by Coldplay

Breaking up:
A Day In The Life by The Beatles

Going Out by Supergrass

Everybody Hurts by REM

Mental Breakdown:
Why Go by Pearl Jam

Friend Of A Friend (Skin And Bones version) by Foo Fighters

Only The Good Die Young by Billy Joel

Getting Back Together:
The Rising by Bruce Sprinsteen

Sinner by Neil Finn

Birth of Child:
Live And Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings

Final Battle:
Low (MTV Unplugged version) by REM

Death Scene:
Stab In The Back by Terrorvision

Funeral Song:
Night Life by Jools Holland And His Rythmn And Blues Orchestra

End Credits:
The One I Love (acoustic version) by REM

My thanks to Jackie for passing this on to me. Now, what about you guys? What do you get?

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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