Many moons ago – 10 years to be exact! – my sister, Mhairi, and I would have our regular Saturday night TV shows. One of these was Channel 4’s “Last Chance Lottery”, a gameshow based on that night’s National Lottery draw and hosted by Patrick Kielty.

Our favourite memory of this mental show is the week when Tony Wright of Terrorvision appeared on it to sing one of the songs picked “at random” (ahem!) from a large spinning wheel. From a load of Eurovision “classics” (term used very loosely!), he ended up with Bucks Fizz’s “Making Your Mind Up.”

The great news for Mhairi and I – and now you – is that some genius has posted the video of it on YouTube. So, here for your enjoyment, and for Mhairi and I to singalong with the line “…trust your Terrorvision” once again, is Tony Wright of the mighty Terrorvision singing “Making Your Mind Up.” Enjoy!


Speak soon

The Cardman 🙂

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