Thanks to my best mate, Peter, I’ve been a Terrorvision fan for a number of years. It was him that pointed me in the direction of their albums after I heard a couple of their tracks being played at The Cathouse in Glasgow a long number of years ago. It was with great sadness back in 2001 that I attended what I thought would be their last concert in Glasgow as Terrorvision on that year’s “Take The Money And Run” Tour.

Well, regular readers (greetings!) will remember my joyful post a short time ago when Terrorvision announced that they were performing at Glasgow’s ABC venue in Sauchiehall Street. The tickets were ordered shortly after I heard about the gig and the long (7 year!) wait came to an end last Thursday night.

I was at the concert with my sister Mhairi, brother-in-law Callum and work colleague David, who was taking the place of Peter who had to pull out at the last minute. This was my first visit to the ABC and I have to say that my first impressions were all positive. The hall that the concert was in was huge with a bar right along the back wall. When we arrived, the support act – Million Dollar Reload – were on stage. When I finally got a chance to stop and listen to them (after visiting the cloakroom, bar and merchandise stand), I was impressed with what I heard. So much so that before they were finished their set, I bought their CD which is also well worth a listen if you like your rock loud.

After MDR finished, David and I made our way to the front of the hall for Terrorvision. Mhairi and Callum decided to stay up by the bar to watch the concert from there. While we waited on the stage being re-set for Terrorvision to step on stage, I got talking with a few of the fans standing around me. Terrorvision fans are, generally, a friendly bunch and although I didn’t get any of their names it was great to have a chat with you.

Terrorvision guitarist Mark Yates

After a wee while, the stage was set, the lights went out and Terrorvision walked on stage to the theme tune of the classic TV police drama “The Sweeney”. From the opening track, “Problem Solved”, the pace was relentless, hardly drawing a breath between tracks at times. It was a great concert and an excellent set – even if they did miss out 2 of my favourite tracks: “Bad Actress” and “Some People Say”. Suppose it shows just how good the gig was!

Tony Wright hardly stops dancing around while he’s singing.
In the background, Shutty (drums) and Leigh Marklew
(bass) play their hearts out.

For their encore, some stools were brought out and they did an accoustic mini-set, including a swing version of Discotheque Wreck, the rock version of which they had played a short time earlier. After a few accoustic tracks, the stools were packed away, the electric guitars brought back out and they finished off the gig in phenominal style.

Mark was kind enough, and patient enough, to
pose for a picture for me

Set List
Problem Solved
Celebrity Hit List
Pretend Best Friend
Friends and Family
D’Ya Wanna Go Faster
Discotheque Wreck
Sometimes I’d Like To Kill Her
Dog Chewed The Handle
Fists Of Fury
New Policy One
Hide The Dead Girl
Didn’t Bleed Red
If I Was You

Killing Time
Swingotheque Wreck
My House
Alice, What’s The Matter?

It is safe to say that I enjoyed myself at the concert. According to Mhairi and Callum, who apparently had a clear view of the back of my head when I was at the front, I didn’t stop dancing the whole night. I’m not surprised that I was sore the whole of the next day. Even so, I still want to do it all over again – and soon!

Mhairi and Callum enjoy their Chips ‘n’ Cheese
while waiting on the train home

To Terrorvision, I only have one thing to say – please don’t make your Scottish fans have to wait another 7 years before coming to visit!

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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  1. Hey mate, have you checked out the \’The Essential Terrorvision\’ i got it on download the other day, an absolute blast, all the live faves on it. See you at the wulfrun!

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