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So, 15 years ago, if you had told me that I would have been attending a Take That concert with my sister and enjoyed it, I would have probably looked at you in a funny way – and I don’t mean “funny haha.” Yet, a couple of Saturdays ago, I was with Mhairi, her husband Callum and her best friend Irene at Scotland’s National Stadium at Hampden in Glasgow to see the former Boy Band perform. I knew it would be an entertaining show, I did not realise how much of a spectacle it would be!

The scene as we entered the stadium with some
of the props in view before the show

Mhairi, Callum and Irene in the crowd waiting for the show to start

When we arrived at the stadium, we managed to find my colleague, and good friend, Lisa as well as her sister, Karen, and some of their friends who were all there too. We even managed to bump into an old school friend of Mhairi’s who I hadn’t seen in some 11 or 12 years! Cheryl’s now married with 2 kids and it was great to catch up with her for a short time.

Me with Lisa (left) and Karen

Mhairi and Cheryl catch up

On the whole, the show had a feel of a Cirque De Soleil show with phenominal circus performers appearing at different times during the show. They even had a wire walker, the first one I have seen live since I was on holiday in Spain with my parents when I was 3 years old! However, one of THE most amazing things we all saw that night was an elephant that appeared out of the floor of the small stage across the stadium from us and that walked to the main stage. What was so amazing about it was that it was operated by some of the dancers. People operating the legs, some more operating the ears and a girl hanging upside down as the tail. It looked phenominal!

Irene and Mhairi singing along

The elephant

The show was nothing short of phenominal and I am more than a little glad that I went. Yes, I sang along to the songs that I knew – I’m not too proud to admit that bit – but I did not do any of the choreographed dances that seemed to be going on in the crowd. They were great fun to watch, especially part-way through “Relight My Fire”. I might just go next time they’re in town.

Greatest Day
Could It Be Magic
Million Love Songs
Back For Good
The Garden
Up All Night
Wooden Boat
How Did It Come To This
The Circus
What Is Love
Do What You Like/It Only Takes a Minute/Take That and Party
Said It All
Never Forget
Relight My Fire

Hold Up A Light
Rule The World

Mark (left) and Jason wave their goodbyes
to the section of the crowd I was in

Speak soon

The Cardman 🙂

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