Well, it’s nearly Christmas and that means one thing – I’ve just had yet another birthday. Since when did I have the right to now be 34??? What the…? It’s not fair! I’ve enjoyed my life so far, but there is the odd occasion when I look back and think “if only I had…” Still, I musn’t dwell on what I haven’t done, but what I can still get up to!

Honestly, Peter and I got dressed in separate houses without
any prior knowledge of what the other was wearing!

The “celebrations” started on the Saturday with a joint birthday day out for me and my good friend Emz – my birthday is on the 16th, his on the 21st. It was a small group of us – myself, Peter, Janice, Carol, Emz and Colin, Janice’s brother – but it was a lot of fun. We started off bowling at The Garage in Kilmarnock (10 Pin Bowling – I’m not THAT old!!!) after which we went up to Carol and Emz’s house for a bit of a party, some food and a right good laugh – all of which are guaranteed when we’re there.

Carol proved to be a bit of a demon on the bowling lane while
Janice sat and laughed at the boys trying to bowl.

Peter tries to ignore Emz’s Monty Python tribute

As ever at Carol and Emz’s house, the games were out with all of us playing a game called “Cranium” which turned out to be a bit of a head buster but a lot of fun. There were several instances of us giving answers that we thought we knew were 100% correct, only to be told that we were completely wrong. Very funny or very frustrating, depending on which side of the question you were on.

Colin looks on as Janice is stumped trying to pronounce
a word that some poor soul will have to try to spell in a moment!

I can only speak for myself on this one although I’m sure Emz feels the same way. Thank you for a great day out. It was a lot of fun.

Emz at the end of the night

Sunday was spent with the family. I joined the rest of the family at Church – the Laigh Kirk in Paisley – so I could see Lewis being a sheep in this year’s Nativity. Cameron was also dressed up as a wee star (how fitting!) but he decided that he didn’t want to wear his costume any more and got upset any time anyone tried to put it back on him. It was very, very well done and had been written by the youngsters themselves in the style of a live news bulletin with interviews with Angels (very funny!), Shepherds and the Wise Men. It was obvious a lot of hard work had gone into it as the script was very funny and the costumes looked fantastic.

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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