I’m currently sitting in the office in pain just now! Not that I’m complaining – it’s all my own fault and I know that!

Last night, Foo Fighters were in Glasgow as part of their “In Your Honour” world tour and I spent the whole 2-hour concert dancing, bouncing and head-banging! I was there with Kate, a very good friend of mine that I met at college last year when I did that Web Design Course. We arrived at the end of the set by the warm up band, who’s name I don’t know but I am sure I’ve heard them before. I’ll need to try and find out as they sounded pretty good.

Foo Fighters gave a blistering concert that started off with the title track “In Your Honour” through “My Hero”, “Learn To Fly” and a 10-minute “Stacked Actors” that included a guitar battle between “our best friend Dave” (as Mr Grohl called himself when asking the crowd to take 2 steps back – which we all did!) and Foo’s guitarist Chris Shiflett as well as a phenominal drum solo from Tayler Hawkins, all the way to a mostly solo “Everlong” (beautiful!) and a finish that included “Monkey Wrench” (my throat hurt after that one – like I care!), “Cold Day In The Sun” (I’ve seen Dave Grohl playing drums LIVE!) and “All My Life” (what a finish!), the band were playing a mile a minute and were as tight as, well, as tight as something very tight!

I’ll try to post the set list up once it is up on The Foo Fighters Website with any memories I have of the different tunes. Until then, I’m off to try to recover! I need it!

The Cardman 🙂

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