Regular readers (hi folks!) will probably know that, thanks to my best mate Peter, I am a big fan of Bill Hicks. My sister and I used to stay over at Peter’s after a Friday night out at a ’70s night in Paisley and Peter would always play some of Hicks’s albums as we were drifting off to sleep. From that, I got really interested in his work. Sadly, this was a few years after his untimely death at the age of 32 from Pancreatic Cancer.

One story that has now become legend is that of his 12th and final performance on the David Letterman Show on CBS in America. Hicks performed his set and he, along with the Producers of the show, felt that it had been his best performance on the Letterman show. A couple of hours later, while in his hotel room, Hicks received a phone call from the Producer to say that his spot had been edited from the show due to several “hot points” in his set.

At the end of January, Letterman tried to make amends for this error and played the footage set that Hicks recorded. Not only that, but Letterman invited Hick’s mother, Mary, on to talk a little about Bill’s life and to publicly apologise to her for having the performance edited out. Below, you’ll find the segment, in 3 parts, which has been posted on YouTube and you can watch them below.




Hope you enjoyed them.

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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