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There is just over a month to go before the International Magic Convention (18-20 November) and the London Festival of Magic (14-20 November) and now is the time to register as some of the events are close to being full (the Sunday Night performance of the Gala Show) while some have only just a handful of tickets left (the Saturday Night performance of the Gala Show).  Do not be as disappointed as those who left it too late and missed out on the Max Maven Show (which is now completely sold out although you can join the waiting list).

The Convention has something for everyone, whilst the individual day seminars during the week concentrating separately on Advanced Card Technique, Mentalism, Creativity, Marketing and Making Magic Memorable allow you to focus on your special area of interest and spend even more time with the stars of the Convention.

I’ve said this a number of times over the last wee while, but the International Magic weekend is one of the highlights of my year and something I always really look forward to.  You will not be disappointed!

Full details, as well as information on how to get tickets, are available on the International Magic website.

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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