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A new eBook compiled, edited and published by Peter Duffie has been released. “Miraculous Minds: Scotland Goes Mental” is a collection of 34 Mental Magic and Mentalism effects and 2 essays from 22 Scottish magicians. The full list of contributors is:-

George McBride, David Forrest, Jim Cuthbert, Peter Duffie, Jackie McClements, Peter McLanachan, Alan Innes, Scotty Johnston, Ian Kendall, Euan Bingham, David Lees, Roy Walton, Paul Lesso, Drew McAdam, Peter Arcane, David Walsh, Max Gordon, Gary Middleton, Dave Robertson, Alan Rorrison, Gavin Ross, Val Le-Val

This eBook is available from me for the princely sum of £10 by clicking on the picture below. You will then be taken to a webpage with full details of who contributed what as well as how to order.

You can also find details of, and order, the previous Scottish eBook, “Scotland Up Close”, and my own Lecture Notes entitled “A Force Much Greater Than Luck”, both also costing £10 each, by clicking the images below.

I’ve also set up a couple of Special Offers if you want to buy either 2 or all 3 of these products at bargain prices.

For security purposes, all payments are made via PayPal.

For full details of everything go to my Lecture Notes and E-Books Pages. I hope to see you there soon.

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