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First of all, my apologies for not posting over the weekend. Family stuff and whatnot. Also, the gang at International Magic have asked me to hold off on mentioning the name that I hinted at in my last blog post. I am respecting that request and hope that you do too. Thanks.

Max Maven will be lecturing all new material to the UK, at the International Magic Convention being held later this year (18-20 November) at The Mermaid Theatre. This will herald Max’s first appearance in London for 10 years, and we are thrilled to announce that in addition to his lecture at the Convention, he will also be presenting his full evening one man show “Max Maven Thinking in Person: An Evening of Knowing and Not Knowing” at the Bridewell Theatre on the Saturday evening. This show, that the New York Times observed as “a category defying mind-reading show that veers into conceptual art”, has never been performed before in the UK, and proves why Entertainment Tonight crowned him at “the master mind reader” in this show which has been described as “a rare and precious piece of magical theatre”. Max’s show will be one of the extra events being organized throughout the week, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of London’s only annual magic Convention.

Tickets for this two hour show are available individually at £25, but may also be taken instead of a Convention Gala Show ticket if you are booking a registration for the convention.

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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