When I had the original site up and running, one of the things I wanted to do was have effects published from some of my friends. I am in the very lucky position to have met and got to know some of the best magicians in the World. Most of them specialise in Close Up Magic, especially Card Magic.

When I started this Blog, I wanted to try and keep the magic online with it as the effects are too good to allow to just slip away and disappear into cyberspace. So, I have slightly re-done the pages and if you go to www.thecardman.fire-bug.co.uk and enter the correct passwords, you will gain access to them.

For those that remember the old site, you will notice that I have added a new effect. My good friend George McBride has been kind enough to contribute a fantastic effect from his manuscript “Cardville”. You can find out more about the effect, and about obtaining George’s excellent manuscripts, when you enter the “Magician’s Only” section.

I hope you enjoy them.

Best wishes

The Cardman 🙂

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  1. Goddammit Cardie, I can\’t tell you how many times I\’ve tried to \”Google\” the answers to the Magicians Only section… How did you get something \”un-google-able\”?Nice blogg dude, I look forward to seeing more, oh, and I\’ll keep trying to crack the \”code\”.All the best mate.Big Dave.Big Dave\’s Secret Library

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