Well, it’s mid-June and that means that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme has been published. It also means that I sit down and go through it looking for all the magic and magic-related shows in the programme. So here, with no further yacking from me, is this year’s list.

Cabaret and Variety

1 Hour of Insane Magic
Insane Productions
After their complete sell-out at Edinburgh Fringe 2023, Insane Magic are back with an even bigger show! Witness the most incredible acts of magic from ‘three of the best magicians in the country’ (EdinburghLive.com).
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Other Yin)
Jul 31-Aug 2 16:30 (1h) £9.50
Aug 3-4,7-8,13-15,19-22,26 16:30 (1h) £13.00 (£12.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 16:30 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)

1 Hour of Insane Magic: After Dark
Insane Productions
Following their complete sell-out at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, Insane Magic is back… but after dark! Join the boys (along with some special guests) for an hour of magic, mayhem and some late-night antics.
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Other Yin)
Aug 1-2 23.00 (1h) £10.00
Aug 3-4,8,15,22 23:00 (1h) £13.00 (£12.00)
Aug 9-11,16-18,23-25 23:00 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)

1 Moment in Time
Sean Alexander
A unique and thought-provoking magic show unlike any other, with jaw dropping magic and mind-reading, powerful story telling and reflection on the defining moments in time that shape each and every one of us! ‘Sensational’ (Bruno Tonioli).
theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall (Fleming Theatre)
Aug 2-10 21:05 (50mins) £12.50 (£10.00)
Aug 12-17 20:05 (50mins) £12.50 (£10.00)
Aug 18-24 18:00 (50mins) £12.50 (£10.00)

1 Murder: The Mind-Reading Lawyer
Tomas McCabe
The best Fringe mind-reader is back… and now a barrister! A family-friendly show of incredible mentalism mixed with courtroom drama. Will you be the judge, jury, or the one on trial?
theSpaceTriplex (Big (Thurst))
Aug 2-10,12-17 17:20 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00) (£36.00 F)
theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall (Fleming Theatre)
Aug 19-24 20:10 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00) (£36.00 F)

Absurd: A Live Cabaret Panel Show
Ava Beaux and Kane & Abel/PBH’s Free Fringe
Fun, joyous, raucous… absurd! Join magicians Ava Beaux, Kane & Abel for a riotous evening of wacky games and cabaret performances. An ‘upbeat romp through a wide variety of acts’ **** (NorthWestEnd.com). ***** (WorldMagicReview.com).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Whistlebinkies (Binkies Lounge)
Aug 4-9,11-16,18-23,25 18:30 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Ada Campe: Big Duck Energy
Ada Campe/The Stand Comedy Club
Ever felt down? Like you’re swimming upstream? Like life isn’t all its quacked up to be? Join award-winning cabaret star Ada Campe for a show about home, heartbreak and finding your happy place.
The Stand Comedy Club 5 & 6 (Stand 5)
Aug 1 15:00 (1h) £10.00
Aug 2-11,13-19,21-25 15:00 (1h) £12.00 (£10.00)

Almost Impossible: Martin Brock
B-Rock Productions Denmark
Fresh from his USA/Australia tour, Danish magician Martin Brock presents completely original magic, enhanced by unique music, witty comedy and high tech video production. ‘Brock is polished, humorous, slick, smooth’ ****½ (GlamAdelaide.com.au); ‘See this show’ ****½ (FringeWorld.com.au/FringeFeed).
Gilded Balloon at the Museum (Auditorium)
Jul 31-Aug 2 14:45 (1h) £10.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-15,20-22 14:45 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 14:45 (1h) 15.00 (£14.00)

Andrew Frost: Cards on the Table
Andrew Frost
Andrew is one of the best card magicians in the world. Come and see his finest material after a two-decade obsession. ‘A brilliant magician’ (Derren Brown). ‘A phenomenon’ (David Blaine).
Pleasance Courtyard (Cellar)
Jul 31-Aug 1 15:00 (1h) £10.00
Aug 2-6,8-11,15-18,22-25 15:00 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)
Aug 7,12-13,19-21,26 15:00 (1h) £13.00 (£12.00)

Arron Jones: One Hour Straitjacket Escape Magic Show
Arron Jones/PBH’s Free Fringe
A devilishly handsome magician trapped in a straightjacket, mind-melting magic, show-stopping laughs and unexpected twists. ‘Mind-blowing’ (Scottish Sun). ‘One of the best’ (YorkshireLive.co.uk). As seen on ITV, E4 and Dave.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Finnegan’s Wake (Finnegan’s Wake)
Aug 4-25 12:00 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Arron Jones: Rockstar Magician
Arron Jones/PBH’s Free Fringe
Can a magician be a rockstar? Rockstar Magician Arron Jones couldn’t possibly say, but yes. ***** (StagetoPage.co.uk); ‘Powerful and entertaining’ ***** (MyLovelyAssistant.com); ‘Bring your spare underpants to toss on stage’ **** (WorldMagicReview.com); **** (One4Review.co.uk).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Ballroom)
Aug 3-25 16:05 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Ava and Beaux: Tales of Magic
Ava Beaux/PBH’s Free Fringe
‘Visually gorgeous… a perfect, stunning magic show’ ***** (WorldMagicRevew.com). Be transported into Ava and Beaux’s mesmerizing world, stunningly realised through magic, theatre and storytelling. ***** (BroadwayBaby.com); **** (List).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
Aug 3-6,8-13,15-20,22-25 15:25 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Ben Hart: HeX
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex with Royal Caribbean Entertainment
The Fringe’s real-life witch is back for his 10th spellbinding year. Internationally acclaimed magician and storyteller, Ben’s shows are a unique kind of alchemy. Funny, dark and deeply baffling, he’s altogether a new species of conjurer…
Assembly George Square Gardens (Palais du Variétéé)
Aug 1 18:20 (1h) £10.50
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 18:20 (1h) £17.00 (£16.00)
Aug 7-8,13-15,19-22 18:20 (1h) £15.00 (£14.00)

Cameron Young: The Scottish Magician
Cameron Young
Experience the magic of Cameron Young: The Scottish Magician! This modern marvel combines mind-bending illusions, captivating mind reading, hilarious comedy and more. Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the extraordinary.
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Nip)
Jul 31-Aug 2 20:20 (1h) £9.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-15,19-22,26 20:20 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 20:20 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00)

Caspar Thomas: The Art of Close-Up Magic
Caspar Thomas
Stunning magic. Unbelievable skill. Elegant performance. ‘You won’t see this level of skill anywhere else in the world. He should be charging £100 per ticket’ (Jerry Sadowitz).
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Blether)
Jul 31-Aug 2 19:00 (1h) £13.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-15,19-22,26 19:00 (1h) £16.50 (£15.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 19:00 (1h) £17.50 (£16.00)

Chris Cook: The Art of Taking Part
Chris Cook Magic/PBH’s Free Fringe
Celebrated magicians and storytelling comedian Chris Cook hosts an evening of magic, games and mischief. Audience interaction compulsory. ‘The fun is knowing that every uproarious night will be a unique experience’ (Stage).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
Aug 3-13,15-25 18:15 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Chris Cross: Not Playing With a Full Deck
Chris Cross, Voodoo Rooms and Blond Ambition Productions
A whirlwind of comedy, cabaret and tricks like no other. World-toured concoction of quick-witted cheeky banter and masterful sleight of hand. Critically acclaimed stand-up, magic and escapology stunt show. ‘Must-see show’ (Stage).
The Voodoo Rooms (The Ballroom)
Aug 2-4,8-11 22:30 (1h) £10.00

Chris Dugdale: 11
Chris Dugdale
1) Search Chris Dugdale on Google. 2) Buy your ticket. 3) Your life may/may not change ;). ‘Best magic show!’ (HELLO! Magazine).
Assembly Rooms (Ballroom)
Aug 1 19:45 (1h) £10.00
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 19:45 (1h) £16.00 (£15.00)
Aug 7-8,13-15,19-22 19:45 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)

Colin Cloud: Consequences
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex with Royal Caribbean Entertainment
Cloud will solve the biggest mystery on the planet: You. What do you believe? And what impact do those beliefs have on your existence? Find out this August. ***** (BroadwayBaby.com). ***** (Daily Record).
Underbelly, Bristo Square (McEwan Hall)
Jul 31-Aug 2 19:20 (1h10m) £12.50
Aug 3-6,9,11,16-18,23-25 19:20 (1h10m) £18.50 (£17.50)
Aug 7-8,12,14-15,19-22,26 19:20 (1h10m) £16.50 (£15.50)
Aug 10 17:30 (1h10m) £18.50 (£17.50)

Dan Bastianelli: Deception
Dan Bastianelli Magician
After a sell-out show in 2023, award-winning magician Dan Bastianelli returns with an all-new evening of close-up magic. Dan will combine his masterful sleight of hand with personal stories to create an incredibly intimate magical experience.
Paradise in Augustines (The Snug)
Aug 12-17 19:00 (50m) £12.00 (£10.00) (£40.00 F)

Dave Reubens – Freaky Magic
Dave Reubens/PBH’s Free Fringe
The crazy magic show packed with comedy, story and danger. Maser magician Dave Reubens attempt to recreate the weird and supernatural using only his knowledge of sleight of hand, mind games and illusion.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
Aug 3-25 17:00 (55m) (Free Non-ticketed)

David Alnwick: Comedian Magician
David Alnwick/PBH’s Free Fringe
Upbeat, hilarious magic with heart from Fringe legend David Alnwick. ’Flawlessly constructed and perfectly performed… Daily queues down the street’ ***** (WorldMagicReview.com). ***** (ThreeWeeks). ***** (Suitcase Monkey, YouTube). ***** (TheSphinx.co.uk). ‘Extremely funny’ (DeadlineNews.co.uk).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
Aug 3-25 13:15 (1h) (Free non-ticketed)

David Alnwick: Necromancer
David Alnwick/PBH’s Free Fringe
Inspired by 90s VHS horror board games, can you beat the Necromancer? ‘Pure horror… Pushing the boundaries of magic as a genre’ **** (WorldMagicReview.com).
**** (Skinny). ‘Seriously disturbed comedy’ (Brett Clements, inventor of cult board game Atmosfear).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth (Chamber Room)
Aug 3-25 16:50 (1hr) (Free Non-ticketed)

Dee Christopher: The Psychic Vampire
Dee Christopher
Tricks, blood and rock’n’roll. Vampiric mind-reading as featured on Discovery, Comedy Central and more. Star of BBC Three’s Killer Magic. ‘An experience you’ll never forget!’ ***** (NorthWestEnd.co.uk). ‘He’ll blow your mind!’ ***** (Bizarre Magazine).
Just the Tonic at Cabaret Voltare (Just the Liberty Room)
Aug 19-24 21:30 (1h) £12.50 (£10.00)

Dom Chambers: Magic Hunt
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
Chambers (The Illusionists on Broadway) is back, with his wildest show yet. Get ready for Magic Hunt: an untamed magic rampage, a fusion of awe and anarchy and ‘a unique blend of comedy and illusions’™
Assembly George Square Gardens (Piccolo)
Aug 1 19:25 (1h) £8.50
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 19:25 (1h) £12.50 (£11.50)
Aug 7-8,13-15,19-22 19:25 (1h) £11.50 (£11.00)

The Dreamer – Live
James Phelan
‘Magic is in his bones’ ***** (Herald). The most exciting, brand new, enigmatic magic show from James Phelan – the magician infamous for jamming the BBC switchboard after correctly predicting the lottery. Don’t miss it!
Underbelly’s Circus Hib on the Meadows (The Beauty)
Aug 3-6,9-11,16-18,23-24 17:15 (1h) £15.50 (£14.50)
Aug 7-8,13-15,20-22 17:15 (1h) £14.50 (£13.50)

Edinburgh Magic
KQ Productions
An intimate and astonishing performance of magic in luxurious and enchanting surrounds with magician Kevin Quantum. Unlock hidden Edinburgh and enjoy conjurations that have fooled the greatest minds associated with the city. ‘Unfathomable, sheer entertainment’ **** (Scotsman).
The Caledonian Edinburgh (Versailles Suite)
Aug 8-18 18:00 (1h10m)
Aug 8-15,17-18 20:30 (1h10m)
Tier 1: £55 (£52) Front Row (includes a glass of prosecco)
Tier 2: £45 (£42) Second Row (includes a glass of prosecco)
Tier 3: £35 (£32) Third Row
Tier 4: £30 (£27) General Admission

Elliot Bibby’s Magical Mashup
Elliot Bibby, Voodoo Rooms and Blond Ambition Productions
Gear up for a night of magical mayhem with Elliot Bibby and friends. This ain’t your typical magic show – it’s a wild, unpredictable mashup of carnage and gameshow chaos that’ll have you questioning reality.
The Voodoo Rooms (The Ballroom)
Aug 20-22,25 22:30 (1h) £12.00
Aug 23-24 22:30 (1h) £14.00

Grow Up Magic Man
Tom Bolton
A highly interactive, theatrical magic show packed full of illusion and wonder, giving audience members the chance to become the star of the show! A jaw-dropping experience for adults and kids alike!
Greenside @ George Street (Forest Theatre)
Aug 2-10,12-17 18:30 (50m) £12.50 (£11.50) (£40.00 F)
Aug 19-24 15:00 (50m) £12.50 (£11.50) (£40.00 F)

Igor Lipinski’s Piano Illusions
Igor Lipinski, Anna Chenoweth Lipinski
A one-of-a-kind show of piano and magic! Directed by Paul Christman. ‘He thrills you on the piano, mystifies you with magical illusions, and keeps you laughing with his impudent, charismatic charm’ (Teller of Penn & Teller).
artSpace@StMarks (Church)
Aug 20-23 14:30 (1h) £12.00 (£10.00) (£20.00 F)

Kane & Abel: Magician Twinpossible
Kane & Abel/PBH’s Free Fringe
Kane & Abel return with magic and comedy based on being twins. ‘Contemporary, comedic and charismatic’ ***** (Channel 44). ‘Spellbinding… the boys are great **** (GlamAdelade.com.au). **** (BraodwayBaby.com)
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
Aug 3-6,8-13,15-20,22-25
14:30 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Kevin Quantum: Anti-Gravity
KQ Productions
Enter an exotic space where the rules of gravity are bent and broken with the magician/scientist adventurer tutored by Penn & Teller. Magic is real and Keving will prove it to you. ‘Epic stunts’ ***** (BroadwayBaby.com).
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Doonstairs)
Jul 31-Aug 2 14:30 (1h) £9.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-15,19,21-22,26 14:30 (1h) £14.50 (£13.50)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 14:30 (1h) £16.00 (£15.00)

Lewis Fuller – Ungentlemanly Conduct
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
Suits, smiles and side splitting shenanigans! Are you ready for the ultimate triple threat of magic, music and comedy? Don’t miss out on this unforgettable fusion of talent and charisma!
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Doonstairs)
Jul 31-Aug 2 20:30 (1h) £9.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,13-15,19-22 20:30 (1h) £13.50 (£12.50)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 20:30 (1h) £14.50 (£13.50)

Magic Faraway Cabaret
Mister Meredith/PBH’s Free Fringe
‘Fab lil cabaret party’ (Time Out). ‘An exciting array of the best in burlesque, comedy and sideshow… this fun late-night show has a taste of everything’ **** (ThreeWeeks). ‘A festival stalwart’ **** (Scotsman). Hosted by Mister Meredith.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
Aug 3-25 22:30 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

The Magic of Love
Alex Kouvatas/PBH’s Free Fringe
Join Alex the Magician as he seeks love and magic in unexpected places. From online dating to self-discovery, witness his story of becoming a magician for love’s sake. Experience ‘fantastic humour, charming presence, and unique magic’ (WorldMagicReview.com).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Burrito ‘n’ Shake (Downstairs Room)
Aug 3-25 15:45 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

The Magic Show – The Return of The Glittering Prince of Magic – Starring Liam A Black
Liam A Black/PBH’s Free Fringe
‘The Mel Brooks of Comedy Magic’ (K107FM) returns direct from Las Vegas with dysfunctional conjuring, unwanted musical numbers and glittery old nonsense!
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
Aug 3-4,6-11,13-18,20-25 20:45 (55m) (Free Non-ticketed)

Magical Bones: Bonefide Magic
Broken Robot Productions
Britain’s Got Talent and ITV’s The Ultimate Magician finalist returns with a limited run of the most awe-inspiring and high-energy magic show you’ll see this year. ‘A dazzling show’ **** (Guardian). **** (TheWeeReview.com).
Underbelly, Bristo Square (Ermintrude)
Aug 1 16:55 (1h) £9.00
Aug 2-6,9-11 16:55 (1h) £13.00 (£12.00)
Aug 7-8 16:55 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00)

Naughty or Neurodiverse – Magic from Another Planet
Angus Baskerville – Magician
Mind-reading and unbelievable trickery abound in this exploration of how autism and magic make anything possible, with rising star Angus Baskerville.
theSpace on the Mile (Space 2)
Aug 2-4,9-10 15:20 (50m) £12.00 (£10.00) (£30.00 F)
Aug 5-8 15:20 (50m) £10.00 (£8.00) (£24.00 F)
Aug 12-15 15:50 (50m) £10.00 (£8.00) (£24.00 F)
Aug 16-17 15:50 (50m) £12.00 (£10.00) (£30.00 F)
Aug 19-22 15:05 (50m) £10.00 (£8.00) (£24.00 F)
Aug 23-24 15:50 (50m) £12.00 (10.00) (£30.00 F)

Off The Cuff: Stand Up Comedy Magic
Chris Dinwoodie
Chris Dinwoodie is a five-time Scottish magic champion. His unique combination of magic, mind reading and natural Glasgow wit will leave you entertained and amazed.
Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Beehive Inn (Beehive 2 (The Attic))
Aug 1-27 16:30 (50m)
Pay What You Can in advance from the following prices to
guarantee entry or turn up at the venue for free, with the option of donating
at the end of the show. Your Pay What You Can ticket options are: £7, £8, £9
and £10.

Paddy the Irishman – How Lucky Can One Man Get
Patrick McCullagh
A fully packed hour or entertainment. Comedy, magic, stories and a wee bit of music intertwined with his Irish luck. Paddy is a charmer and is a joy to watch.
Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree (Main Room)
Aug 1-4,6-11,13-18,20-25 12:45 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

The Poldark Show – Stage Hypnotist
Poldark – Stage Hypnotist
Making his Fringe debut, Poldark will amaze, astonish and leave you wanting more. Enter the comedic world of hypnosis as a spectator or volunteer, to bring the entertainment to life! A must-see show!
Just the Tonic Nucleus (Just the Tonic’s Atomic Room)
Aug 19-24 16:00 (1h) £12.00 (£10.00)
Saint Stephen’s Theatre (Ian McKellen Theatre)
Aug 12-18 17:15 (1h) £12.00 (£10.00)

Sam Hurst’s Magic! Mayhem! Memes!
Samuel Hurst/PBH’s Free Fringe
Travel inside the mind of world-renowned comedy magician Sam Hurst. To a place where nothing makes sense but everything works. A land of Magic, Mayhem and Memes!
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
Aug 14-25 19:30 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed)

The Secret Room at Lauriston Castle
Edinburgh International Magic Festival
Enter secluded Lauriston Castle and travel back in time to a world of clandestine laboratories, hidden passages and secret rooms… Three expert magicians animate the castle’s intriguing past with stories, performances and illusions.
Lauriston Castle (Lauriston Castle)
Aug 13-15,21-22 13:30 (1h15m) £22.00 (£20.00) (£16.00 C)
Aug 13-15,21-22 15:30 (1h15m) £22.00 (£20.00) (£16.00 C)

Suhani Shah: Spellbound 2.0
Soho Theatre and OML
India’s most famous mind-reader returns following he smash-hit sell-out debut. Experience the extraordinary in this new show full of mental mysteries, surprises, laughter and interactive engagement. ‘A new Fringe superstar’ ***** (WorldMagicReview.com). **** (List). **** (Fest).
Underbelly, Bristo Square (Jersey)
Aug 12 19:00 (1h) £10.00
Aug 13-15,19-22 19:00 (1h) £13.00 (£12.00)
Aug 16-18,23-25 19:00 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)

Surreal: The Mind-Reading Show From Berlin!
Sonambul: The Art of Mind-Reading
Enter a surreal world where mind-reading is normal! Handmade animated films meet paranormal experiments: Two savants bow to the beauty of the ‘20s and a mystical Brazilian childhood. Surprising, dreamy… Above all, interactive! www.sonambul.com
C ARTS | C venues | C aquila (temple)
Jul 31-Aug 2,12-13,19-20 17:50 (50m) £13.00 (£11.00) (£9.00 C) (£36.00F)
Aug 3-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 17:50 (50m) £17.00 (£15.00) (£13.00 C) (£52.00F)
Aug 7-8,14-15,21-22 17:50 (50m) £15.00 (£13.00) (£11.00 C) (£44.00F)

Tom Brace: The Ride 4D
Play People Productions
Join magician Tom Brace for a trip on the wild side in the world’s first 4D magic-show rollercoaster! ‘Great way to spend an hour of the Fringe’ **** (WorldMagicReview.com).
Pleasance Dome (Ace Dome)
July 31-Aug 1 16:10 (1h) £9.00
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 16:10 (1h) £15.00 (£14.00)
Aug 7-8,12-14-15,19,21-22,26 16:10 (1h) £13.50 (£12.50)

Truth. Lies. And Other Illusions
Thomas W Kuenstner
Thomas W Kuenstner brings his sell-out magic show from Germany to Edinburgh. Thomas combines psychology, storytelling and traditional conjuring to generate original mysteries beyond belief. His style is unique, jaw-dropping, amazing and highly entertaining.
Arthur Conan Doyle Centre (The Helen Duncan Room)
Aug 15,19-22 17:00 (50m)
Aug 16 18:00 (50m)
Pay What You Can in advance from the following prices to guarantee entry or turn up at the venue for free, with the option of donating at the end of the show. Your Pay What You Can ticket options are: £3, £5 and £10.

The Unluckiest Magician
Steve Wilbury (New Zealand)
Eight medical mishaps, 14 screws, six plates, and one fully reconstructed digestive system. Meet the world’s unluckiest magician. A hilarious, heartwarming and thought-provoking autobiographical storytelling comedy magic show. ‘Real joy’ (ArtMumurs.nz)
C ARTS | C venues | C alto (studio)
Jul 31-Aug 2,19-20 21:30 (45m) £9.00 (£7.00) (£5.00 C) (£20.00 F)
Aug 3-6,10-11,24-25 21:30 (45m) £13.00 (£11.00) (£9.00 C) (£36.00 F)
Aug 7-9,21-23 21:30 (45m) £11.00 (£9.00) (£7.00 C) (£28.00 F)

Children’s Shows

Abracadabra Family Friendly Magic Show
Alex Kouvatas/PBH’s Free Fringe
Join Alex the Magician for an exciting children’s magic show back for its fourth year at the Edinburgh Fringe. Laughter, participation, fun and of course, magic await!
PBH’s Free Fringe @ CC Blooms (CC Blooms)
Aug 3-13 12:30 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Aha! Doggy Poo
Modl Theatre
Adapting Korea’s cherished tale by Jun-saeng Kwon, this beautiful, heartwarming show appeals to all ages. Celebrating 20 years, this enchanting production blends magic, dance and Korean music, capturing the essence that nothing in the world is useless.
Bedlam Theatre (Bedlam Theatre)
Jul 31-Aug 1 14:00 (45m) £6.00 (£5.00) (£16.00 F)
Aug 2-4,6-11 14:00 (45m) £12.00 (£10.00) (£24.00 F)

All-New Crazy Puppet Magic Show
Leigh Milne
Last year’s sell-out show returns with more magic, more puppets and even more laughter! A great show for all the family to start your festival day! Advance booking advised!
Frankenstein Pub (Bier Keller)
Aug 1-18 12:00 (1h) £7.00

Amazing Bubble Man
Louis Pearl
An Edinburgh favourite who sells out every year, Louis explores the breathtaking dynamics of bubble art, science, magic, and fun. Combining comedy, artistry, music, and audience participation, his spellbinding bubble tricks keep everyone mesmerised.
Underbelly, Bristo Square (McEwan Hall)
Aug 1 11:20 (1h) £9.00
Aug 2-5,9-11,16-18,23-25 11:20 (1h) £13.50 (£12.50)
Aug 6-8,12,15,19-20,26 11:20 (1h) £12.50 (£11.50)

Baby Shark and Tails of the Seven Seas
Join Fiddlefox and Baby Shark as they travel to different lands around the world seeking a lost friend, while experiencing the sights and sounds of each culture through music, magic and story.
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Dram)
Jul 31-Aug 2 10:20 (1h) £9.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-15 10:20 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18 10:20 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00)

Bubble J: The Fantastic Unbelievable Show
Made in Donggam (Korea)
Magic, soap bubbles, balloons and shadow play combine in an incredible visual experience to entrance the whole family. This high-energy non-verbal bubble show from Korea promises to be both unforgettable and unbelievable!
C ARTS | C venues | C aurora (main house)
Jul 31-Aug 2,12-13,19-20 11:20 (1h) £9.00 (£7.00) (£5.00 C) (£20.00 F)
Aug 3-6,10-11,17-18,24-25 11:20 (1h) £13.00 (£11.00) (£9.00 C) (£36.00 F)
Aug 7-9,14-16,21-23 11:20 (1h) £11.00 (£9.00) (£7.00 C) (£28.00 F)

The Bubble Show
The Highland Joker
Join Mr Bubbles with his extraordinary soap bubbles! Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles and even fire bubbles! An international award-winning performance which blends magic, storytelling, science and bubble art!
Assembly George Square (George Aikman Theatre)
Aug 1 10:30 (1h) £10.00
Aug 2-18,24-25 10:30 (1h) £15.00 (£12.50)

Circus – The Show
Showmen Productions
This internationally award-winning, sell-out sensation is flipping into town this Fringe! Sure to astound and amaze the entire family, Circus is the latest trailblazer in family entertainment showcasing some of the finest circus acts from Australia!
Underbelly, George Square (Udderbelly)
Jul 31-Aug 2 10:50 (1h) £10.00
Aug 3-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 10:50 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)
Aug 7-8,12-15,20-22,26 10:50 (1h) £13.00 (£12.00)

The Greatest Magic Show
Showmen Productions Pty Ltd
‘This is the show to see!’ **** (Entertainment-Now.com). Join Sam, Justin and The Ringmaster in this family friendly spectacle filled with side-splitting comedy and incredible illusions! Free magic wand on entry!
Assembly George Square Gardens (Palais du Variéété)
Aug 1 13:10 (1h) £12.00
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 13:10 (1h) £16.00 (£15.00)
Aug 7-8,12-15,20-22,26 13:10 (1h) £16.00 (£15.00) 

Magic & Crazy Stunts with Frisco Fred
Frisco Fred
Fred brings his A-game to give you a fun-filled show with comedy, magic, juggling (and maybe some video stunts…) See – a near-sighted guy juggle. Wonder – if he has good insurance…
Laughing Horse @ Home Bar (Basement)
Aug 1-25 15:30 (1h)
Pay What You Can in advance from the following prices to guarantee entry or turn up at the venue for free with the option of donating at the end of the show. Your Pay What You Can ticket options are: £2.50, £5, £7.50 and £10.

A Magic Morning!
Tim Licata Magic/PBH’s Free Fringe
Magical mischief with one of Edinburgh’s favourite magicians! Tim Licata astounds kids and adults alike with delightful deception. Amazing, fun magic the whole family can enjoy. Tim is brilliant! Fringe sell-out 2023!
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Little Plaza (Little Plaza)
Aug 3-18, 20-25 11:10 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed) 

Mojo and Jimmy: The Comedy Magic Spectacular
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
A magic show meets a Pixar movie! A comedy-magic extravaganza becomes a thrilling adventure to save the magical forest. This show will leave adults amazed and kids laughing until their bellies hurt!
Assembly George Square Studios (Studio Three)
Jul 31-Aug 1 13:25 (1h) £10.00
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 13:25 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00)
Aug 7-8,13-15,19-22 13:25 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00) 

Pure Imagination – A Willy Wonka Parody and Comedy Magic Show
Magic by Andy LLC
Andy’s a real Wonka. Andy Wonka’s the son of Willy Wonka. He’s a comedian and magician. Andy’s trying to get the chocolate factory back after Charlie Bucket lost it.
Just the Tonic at The Caves (Just the Big Room)
Aug 1-11,13-18 12:00 (1h) £12.00


2 Become Wand: Hudson & Hudson – Magic
Hudson & Hudson
Real-life married funny magicians decided to perform a double-act, but didn’t realise their bickering would get in the way of the magic. ‘Silly to mind-blowing’ (BroadwayBaby.com). ‘You fooled us’ (Penn & Teller)
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Dram)
Jul 31-Aug 2 14:20 (1h) £9.50
Aug 3-4,7-8,12,14-15,19-22,26 14:20 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 14:20 (1h) £13.00 (£12.00)

6 Impossible Things
Jordan Rooks
An Alice in Wonderland parody magic show. Come join award-winning Las Vegas magician Jordan Rooks or Hatter on a whimsical journey of six impossible and magical adventures.
Just the Tonic Nucleus (Just the Tonic’s Atomic Room)
Aug 1-11 16:00 (45m) £7.50 (£5.00)
Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You Want at the venue.

Aaaaa Very Fringey Show
Grownup Playhouse
What makes the perfect Fringe show: comedy, theatre, music, magic, puppets? Yes. The perfect show is every show in one. Come see four people pitch to you the fringiest Edinburgh Fringe show ever… so they claim!
theSpaceTriplex (Big (End On))
Aug 20-24 20:30 (50m) £10.00 (£8.00 S) (£32.00 F) 

Adults Only Magic Show
Showmen Productions
A wild and raunchy, adults-only night of magic and comedy with Sam, Justin and Magnus ‘Danger’ Magnus. They’’ unleash uproarious humour and mind-bending illusions from their worldwide stage experience, spiced with a dash of cheeky nudity!
Assembly George Square Studios (Studio Three)
Jul 31-Aug 1 21:15 (1h10m) £10.00
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 (1h10m) £16.50 (£15.50)
Aug 7-8,12-15,20-22 (1h10m) £14.50 (£13.50)

Freddie Hayes: The Magic Lady
Freddie Hayes
Freddie Hayes returns with outrageous character comedy: The Magic Lady. Formerly a glamorous assistant, this haphazard showbiz loon has her moment in the spotlight. Expect ridiculous puppets and true magic. ‘Electric performer’ **** (Everything-Theatre.co.uk).
Hootenannies @ Potterrow (Big Yurt)
Aug 2-11 18:00 (1h) £8.00 (£6.00)
Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You Want at the venue.

The Grumpy Magicians Present: Now You See It, Now You Don’t!
The Grumpy Magicians/PBH’s Free Fringe
The Grumpy Magicians present: Now You See It, Now You Don’t. The Grumpy Magicians will be preforming their new show using their unique style of comedy magic.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Doghouse Hotel (Upstairs Bar)
Aug 3-17 14:35 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed) 

Hypnotist Matt Hale: Top Fun! 80s Spectacular – Remix
Hypnotist Matt Hale
The unmissable sell-out smash-hit comedy hypnosis show with 80s party vibes returns, remixed for 2024! Enjoy from audience or stage – you choose! All-ages friendly.
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Big Yin)
Jul 31-Aug 2 17:00 (1h) £10.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,13-15,19-22,26 17:00 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 17:00 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)

Late Night Magic
Play People Productions
Prepare to have your minds blown in this late night line-up of the best magic, comedy and variety the Fringe has to offer! A different line-up every single night, hosted and curated by Tom Brace.
Pleasance Dome (Ace Dome)
Aug 1-3,8-10,15-17,22-24 23:00 (1h10m) £15.00 (£14.00) 

Pete Heat: Bogus
Impatient Productions
Join magician and charlatan Pete on a surreal journey into your own brain. Try not to break anything. ‘Excellent jokes, superb wizardry’ ***** (TheWeeReview.com); ‘Would have given Jesus a run for his money’ (Alex Horne, Taskmaster).
Pleasance Dome (10 Dome)
Jul 31-Aug 1 20:30 (1h) £10.00
Aug 2-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 20:30 (1h) £14.00 (£13.00)
Aug 7-8,12-14-15,19-22 20:30 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00) 

Shaman You!
Ian Harvey Stone
Shaman You! A show about living in LA, Thai massage, gun crime, squirrel theology, psychic nans and looking for the member of the audience who is going to close the show by reading a stranger’s mind!
Laughing Horse @ Eastside (The Den)
Aug 1-10 16:35 (55m)
Pay What You Can in advance from the following prices to guarantee entry or turn up at the venue for free, with the option of donating at the end of the show. Your Pay What You Can ticket options are: £5, £7.50, £10 and £12.50.

Tom Crosbie: I Came, I Saw, I Conq-Nerd
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
Friends, nerds, countrymen! Lend me your Rubik’s Cubes! What’s your Roman Empire? Tom has collected quite a few obsessions over the years. See them bundled together into one charming and whimsical show!
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Nip)
Jul 31-Aug 2 16:20 (1h) £9.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-15,19-22,26 16:20 (1h) £12.50 (£11.50) (£36.00 F)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25 16:20 (1h) £13.50 (£12.50) (£36.00 F)

Dance, Physical Thatre and Circus

Diary of a Magician
Mu-Syuan Chang (Taiwan)
Step into the world of the magician, where fragments of life are unveiled through a mysterious diary. Classic magic and sensational stunts blend in a spellbound performance. A mesmerising adventure.
C ARTS | C venues | C aquila (temple)
Jul 31-Aug 2,19-20 15:05 (45m) £9.00 (£7.00) (£5.00 C) (£20.00F)
Aug 3-4,17-18,24-25 15:05 (45m) £13.00 (£11.00) (£9.00 C) (£36.00F)
Aug 14-16,20-23 15:05 (45m) £11.00 (£9.00) (£7.00 C) (£28.00F)

Spoken Word

The Invention of Magic
Richard Wiseman/PBH’s Free Fringe
This intimate show celebrates my love of magic and explores how magicians create the impossible. Enjoy erudite entertainment, peek into the secret world of magic, and witness the world’s greatest card trick.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth (Cinema Room)
Aug18-25 18:25 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)


Arturo Brachetti: SOLO
Arte Brachetti/Something for the Weekend
A magical journey inside the mind of legendary Italian quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti (Olivier Award-nominated). 50+ characters come to life through astonishing illusions and mind-boggling transformations in this smash-hit. **** (Evening Standard). **** (Times). **** (Daily Mail).
Pleasance at EICC (Lennox)
Jul 31-Aug 1 19:00 (1h10m) £10.00
Aug 2-6,8-11,15-18,22-24 19:00 (1h10m) £20.00 (£17.50)
Aug 10-11,17-18,24-25 14:30 (1h10m) £20.00 (£17.50)
Aug 12,14,19-20 19:00 (1h10m) £18.00 (£15.50) 

The Magic Eye with Stuart Lightbody
Stuart Lightbody/PBH’s Free Fringe
Award-winning at FRINGE WORLD 2023 and Adelaide Fringe 2024! More than a mere magic show: inspired by mentalists, mystics and madmen of history, this is your introduction into a strange secretive world. Join us!
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Pilgrim (Back Lounge)
Aug 3-19 12:00 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth (Cinema Room)
Aug 11-17 12:20 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

The Man with the Golden Hands
Stuart Lightbody/PBH’s Free Fringe
The fascinating true story of John Mullholland; a magician recruited into the CIA. But in this dangerous game of cat and mouse… who is trying to catch wo? Winner: Magic Award, Adelade Fringe 2024.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Ballroom)
Aug 3-25 14:45 (55m) (Free Non-ticketed) 

The Mystery of Dracula
David Alnwick/PBH’s Free Fringe
Occult illusionist David Alnwick investigates the true legend of Dracula. ‘A distinct play/magic show… Bridged the genres of theatre and magic… Incredible’ ***** (WorldMagicReview). **** (BroadwayBaby). **** (FringeGuru). ‘Naturally gifted illusionist’ (Scotsman).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
Aug 3-25 19:40 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

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