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It’s that time of year – the Edinburgh Fringe programme is published and I make my annual blog post with the Magic List. So, here we go. There are over 50 magic and magic-related shows in this year’s list. Ready? Here goes…

Cabaret and Variety

1 Hour Of Insane Magic
Trash Panda Productions
A thrilling, hilarious and insane magic show where three of the country’s best magicians (Cameron Gibson, Luke Osey and Elliot Bibby) share incredible magic, impossible illusions and amazing acts of mind-reading!
Gilded Balloon Teviot (Nightclub)
0131 622 6552
Aug 2-4 19:00(1h) £9.00
Aug 5-6,9-10,14-17,21-24,28 19:00(1h) £12.50 (£11.50)
Aug 7-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 19:00(1h) £13.50 (£12.50)

Ada Campe: Naval Gazing
Ada Campe / The Stand Comedy Club
Join Ada Campe for a show that puts the merry in maritime, the naughty in nautical and the oar in awesome! ‘Genius’ (Sandi Toksvig). ‘Extravagantly mischievous’ (Chortle.co.uk). ‘Magnetic presence and ticklish way with words’ (Scotsman).
The Stand’s New Town Theatre (Studio)
0131 558 9005
Aug 3 14:55(1h) £11.00
Aug 4-14,16-21,23-27 14:55(1h) £12.00 (£11.00)

Arron Jones: One-Hour Straitjacket Escape Magic Show
Arron Jones / PBH’s Free Fringe
Edinburgh Live’s number-one pick of the Free Fringe 2022 returns! Mind-melting magic in a straitjacket? Yes please! **** (WorldMagicReview.com). ‘Amazing’ (Ronan Keating). ‘Mind-blowing’ (Scottish Sun).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Bannermans (Back Cave)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-27 11:00(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Arron Jones: Rockstar Magician
Arron Jones / PBH’s Free Fringe
A musical comedy magic show to rock your socks off! Magic, music, comedy, raw sex appeal and zero self-awareness. ‘One of the best’ (YorkshireLive.co.uk). ‘Amazing’ (Ronan Keating). ‘Most Impressed!’ (MagicMagazine.com).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Ballroom)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-27 16:05(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry
Tim Motley / Racing Sloth Productions
Magic Award Adelaide Fringe 2023, 2021, 2019. Real live wizard magic! Wonder at world-class wizardry in a realm of messenger owls, robed wizards and flying broomsticks! From Tim Motley. ‘Incredible’ ***** (Edmonton Sun).
theSpace @ Symposium Hall (Annexe)
0131 510 2384
Aug 4-5 18:05(1h) £8.00
Aug 6-10,14-17,20-24 18:05(1h) £10.00 (£9.00) (£36.00 F)
Aug 11-12,18-19,25-26 18:05(1h) £12.00 (£11.00) (£44.00 F)

Ben Hart: Jadoo
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex with Royal Caribbean Entertainment
Hart returns with an astonishing new show rich in colour, passion and wicked humour, drawn from his experience travelling India discovering lost, real magic. ‘Extraordinary’ (Time Out). ‘There’s nobody else we’d rather watch onstage’ (Penn & Teller).
Assembly George Square Gardens (Palais du Variete)
0131 623 3030
Aug 2-3 18:00(1h) £10.50
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 18:00(1h) £16.50 (£14.50)
Aug 9-10,15-17,21-24 18:00(1h) £13.50 (£12.50)

Caspar Thomas: The Art of Close-Up Magic
Caspar Thomas
Stunning magic. Unbelievable skill. Elegant performance.
‘You won’t see this level of skill anywhere else in the world.
He should be charging £100 per ticket’ (Jerry Sadowitz).
Gilded Balloon Teviot (Billiard Room)
0131 622 6552
Aug 2-4 19:30(1h) £13.00
Aug 5-6,9-10,14-17,21-24,28 19:30(1h) £16.50 (£15.00)
Aug 7-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 19:30(1h) £17.50 (£16.00)

Charlie Caper – Magical
Caper Productions / PBH’s Free Fringe
The winner of Sweden’s Got Talent is back with Magical: a beautiful, multi award-winning magic show. ‘Amazing’ ***** (Mail On Sunday). ‘A clear genius’ ***** (Advertiser, Adelaide).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-7,9-14,16-21,23-27 18:15(55m) (Free Non-ticketed)

Chris Cook Asked a Robot to Write Him a Five-Star Show and This Is What It Said
Chris Cook / PBH’s Free Fringe
‘Cheeky magician with the slickness of a stand-up’ (Stage).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-8,10-15,17-22,24-27 16:50(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Chris Dugdale: Ethermind
Chris Dugdale
‘Best magic show’ (HELLO! Magazine). The only act to win the Edfest Bouquet four times! A unique blend of magic and mind control unleashed to influence your mind! Sold-out run 2022 – book now!
Assembly Rooms (Drawing Room)
0131 623 3030
Aug 3 20:35(1h) £8.50
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 20:35(1h) £15.00 (£14.00)
Aug 9-10,14-17,22-24 20:35(1h) £13.00 (£12.00)

Close-Up and Personal
Tim Licata
From classic close-up to parlour prestidigitation, Tim Licata brings his brand of delightful deception to the Scottish Arts Club. Mind Blown! This guy is incredible!
Scottish Arts Club (Scottish Arts Club Lounge (Café))
0131 226 0000
Aug 16,18 19:00(50m) £15.00 (£12.00)

Colin Cloud: After Dark
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
Making his highly anticipated return to the Fringe for five nights only with a brand-new show, Cloud will reveal your secrets and expose the biggest one he’s ever kept. ‘A real-life Sherlock Holmes’ (Daily Record).
Underbelly, Bristo Square (McEwan Hall)
0131 510 0395
Aug 17-20 21:15(1h) £18.50 (£17.50)
Aug 21 21:15(1h) £17.50 (£16.50)

Cult Classic Cabaret
Caper Productions / PBH’s Free Fringe
Are you tired of the same old boring cults with stuffy robes and dull rituals? Walk through an emergency entrance into a cabaret from another dimension and witness a bottomless buffet of incredible variety acts.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-7,9-14,16-21,23-27 20:45(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Dan Bastianelli: The Trick Is There
Dan Bastianelli Magician
Drawing on inspirations from his Scottish-Italian heritage, Edinburgh magician Dan Bastianelli presents an incredible close-up magical experience that explains the difference between trickery and real magic, allowing you to witness both.
Paradise in Augustines (The Snug)
0131 510 0022
Aug 14-19 19:15(50m) £12.00 (£10.00) (£40.00 F)

david alnwick is a magician.
David Alnwick / PBH’s Free Fringe
Upbeat, hilarious magic with heart. ‘Flawlessly constructed and perfectly performed… daily queues down the street’ ***** (WorldMagicReview.com). ***** (ThreeWeeks). ***** (Suitcase Monkey, YouTube). ***** (TheSphinx.co.uk). ‘Will warm your heart’ (BroadwayBaby.com). ‘Extremely funny’ (DeadlineNews.co.uk).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Ballroom)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-27 13:25(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

David Alnwick: Necromancer
David Alnwick / PBH’s Free Fringe
Immersive horror magic. ‘Scary, especially for the easily frightened… Pushing the boundaries of magic as a genre’ ***** (WorldMagicReview.com). **** (Skinny). ‘The darker side of magic’ (NowThenMagazine.com). **** (BroadwayBaby.com). TEDx YouTube: Why Magic Should Frighten You.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth (Chamber Room)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-27 15:35(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Dee Christopher: The Psychic Vampire
Dee Christopher
Tricks, blood and rock’n’roll. Featured on Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and star of BBC Three’s Killer Magic. ‘Brilliant insanity’ (@LeedsMusicScene). ‘He’ll blow your mind’ (Bizarre Magazine). ‘Amazing… Highly recommended’ (Uri Geller).
Frankenstein Pub (Bier Keller)
0131 226 0000
Aug 21-28 16:30(1h) £10.00 (£8.00)

Dom Chambers: A Boy and His Deck
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
Dom Chambers’ unconventional magic has made him an online sensation, garnered fans around the world and landed him on a Broadway stage. This is his coming-of-age story. ‘So good!’ (Penn & Teller).
Assembly George Square Studios (Studio Two)
0131 623 3030
Aug 2-3 17:35(1h) £8.50
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 17:35(1h) £12.50 (£11.50)
Aug 9-10,15-17,21-24 17:35(1h) £11.50 (£11.00)

Griffin and Jones: A Life-Changing Magic Show!
Griffin and Jones / PBH’s Free Fringe
Multi award-winning magicians and Edinburgh Fringe institutions Griffin and Jones have decided to change the world, one act of silliness at a time! And they need your help…
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-6,8-13,15-20,22-27 18:15(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

The Grumpy Magicians Present: If All Else Fails, Read the Instructions
The Grumpy Magicians / PBH’s Free Fringe
The Grumpy Magicians present: If All Else Fails, Read the Instructions. The Grumpy Magicians will be performing their new show using their unique style of comedy magic
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Brewdog Doghouse (Upstairs Bar)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-19 15:00(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

How to Be Dumped: A Sort of Magic Show
Sam Lupton and Grim Up North Productions
The world is desperate for more one-man musical-comedy magic mind-reading shows about a break-up in your early thirties, and actor/magician Sam Lupton (Wicked, Avenue Q) is more than happy to oblige.
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose (Nip)
0131 622 6552
Aug 2-4 19:00(1h) £9.00
Aug 5-6,9-10,14,16-17,21-24 19:00(1h) £11.00 (£10.00)
Aug 7-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 19:00(1h) £12.00 (£11.00)

The Hypnotist: Red Raw
Robert Temple / PBH’s Free Fringe
Robert Temple is back. Audience volunteers create an improvised comedy show under hypnosis. Things will be imagined and people’s reality completely altered, all for a good laugh. Watch or participate, but don’t miss out!
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
0131 226 0000 V 276 G D4
Aug 5-27 19:30(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Illusionati – A Magical Conspiracy
The Great Baldini
The Great Baldini leads the shadowy and sinister Illusionati – elite magicians who use magical dark arts to rule the world. Find out how. Imagine Blofeld meets Tommy Cooper. ‘Incredible’ (Front Row, BBC Radio 4).
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Theatre 1)
0131 510 2384
Aug 4,6-7 15:00(45m) £7.00 (£5.00) (£20.00 F)
Aug 8-19 15:00(45m) £10.00 (£7.00) (£28.00 F)

JezO’s Car-Crash Magic Show
JezO’s Magic
JezO, winner of Family Entertainer of the Year competition 2022, presents his debut Edinburgh Fringe show – Car-Crash Magic. A high-energy interactive comedy and stupid magic show for all.
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose (Big Yin)
0131 622 6552
Aug 2-4 14:00(1h) £8.00
Aug 5-6,9-10,14-17,21-24 14:00(1h) £12.00 (£11.00)
Aug 7-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 14:00(1h) £13.00 (£12.00)

Kevin Quantum: Momentum
Kevin Quantum
From Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist, trained by Penn & Teller. Flaming cannon balls, epic stunts and mind-blowing magic in a spectacle that will have you amazed, on the edge of your seat. ‘Astonishing’ ***** (Edinburgh Evening News).
Assembly Rooms (Music Hall)
0131 623 3030
Aug 3 16:45(1h) £10.00
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 16:45(1h) £17.00 (£16.00) (£58.00 F)
Aug 9-10,14-17,21,23-24 16:45(1h) £15.50 (£14.50) (£54.00 F)

Late Night Magic
Play People Productions
Expect the unexpected in this brand-new late night line-up of the best magic and variety acts the Fringe has to offer. Weekends only! ‘Charmed, amazed and delighted in equal measure!’ ***** (James O’Brien, LBC).
Pleasance Dome (KingDome)
0131 556 6550
Aug 3-5,10-12,17-19,24-26 23:00(1h) £15.00 (£14.00)

The Lock-In Cabaret
Griffin and Jones / PBH’s Free Fringe
The only way to end your night at Edinburgh Fringe! Join high-energy hosts, Griffin and Jones, for an hour(ish) of iconic, unpredictable late-night chaos, decadence, and mischief from some of the very best acts on the Fringe!
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (carte blanche!)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-6,8-13,15-20,22-27 01:00(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Luke Osey: Immature Magic
Luke Osey / PBH’s Free Fringe
Join Luke as he reveals the secrets behind becoming a professional magician, performs stupid stunts, incredible feats, and hilarious magic that will leave you wondering, how? And why? ‘Luke never ceases to amaze me’ (Dynamo).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-27 14:00(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Magic Faraway Cabaret
Mister Meredith / PBH’s Free Fringe
Always packed, this ‘fab lil cabaret party’ (TimeOut) returns with Mister Meredith again in charge. ‘An amazing compere’ (BurlesqueBibleMag.com). ‘Subversive’ (Telegraph). ‘The best in burlesque, comedy and sideshow… a taste of everything’ **** (ThreeWeeks).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-27 22:30(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Magical AF!
Samuel Hurst / PBH’s Free Fringe
The go-to magic show of Edinburgh Fringe 2023. Machine-gun delivery, infectious charisma and what can only be described as real magic, blend as Sam Hurst, the peoples’ magician, invites you into his world.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse (Warehouse)
0131 226 0000
Aug 16-27 17:00(55m) (Free Non-ticketed)

Magical Bones: Soulful Magic – Volume Two
So Comedy and Broken Robot Productions
Britain’s Got Talent and ITV’s The Ultimate Magician finalist returns with a limited run of the most awe-inspiring and high-energy magic show you’ll see this year. ‘A dazzling show’ **** (Guardian). **** (TheWeeReview.com).
Underbelly, Bristo Square (Cowbarn)
0131 510 0395
Aug 16-17,21-24 18:10(1h) £12.00 (£11.00)
Aug 18-20,25-26 18:10(1h) £14.00 (£13.00)

Magician Twinpossible
Kane and Abel / PBH’s Free Fringe
Don’t miss the latest magic and comedy show from ‘charismatic, contemporary and comedic’ ***** (Channel 44) brothers Kane and Abel. The ‘flagship magicians’ **** (BroadwayBaby.com) of the PBH Free Fringe perform illusions based on being twins. **** (GlamAdelaide.com.au).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Ballroom)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-8,10-15,17-21,23-27 14:45(50m) (Free Non-ticketed)

A Magician With Conflicting Personalities Tries to Keep Control Onstage (Popcorn Included)
Ava Beaux / PBH’s Free Fringe
‘Visually gorgeous… a perfect, stunning magic show’ ***** (WorldMagicReview.com). This beautiful blend of magic, theatre, storytelling and comedy will leave you amazed, thrilled, and charmed.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-8,10-15,17-22,24-27 12:35(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Oracle: Do You Want to See the Future?
Lorenzo ‘Renz’ Novani
Oracle is a jaw-dropping, thought-reading experience which has audiences scratching their heads in bafflement and wondering if they might just have seen a glimpse of their future. ‘Mind-blowing… Phenomenal… Shocking.’ (FringeReview.co.uk).
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Theatre 2)
0131 510 2384
Aug 4-7,10-12 20:15(50m) £12.50 (£10.00)

Tom Brace: A Trick Down Memory Lane
Play People Productions
Join magician and mind reader Tom Brace for a trip down memory lane that you won’t forget! **** (WorldMagicReview.com). ‘Charmed, amazed and delighted in equal measure’ ***** (James O’Brien, LBC).
Pleasance Dome (10Dome)
0131 556 6550
Aug 2-3 16:15(1h) £9.00
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 16:15(1h) £15.00 (£14.00)
Aug 9-10,14-15,17,21-24,28 16:15(1h) £14.00 (£13.00)

Young and Moxie
Young and Moxie
Young and Moxie is the latest magic show to hit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Las Vegas and Scottish magicians team up to create a show not to be missed.
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Theatre 1)
0131 510 2384
Aug 4-12,14-26 20:35(50m) £12.00 (£10.00 SUD) (£40.00 F)

Children’s Shows

Abracadabra With An Apple Magic Show
Alex Kouvatas / PBH’s Free Fringe
Ages 5 and older only
Join the funalicious master magician Alex who brings a children’s magic show filled with excitement, fun, laughs and stories that entangle together in one awe-inspiring performance! ‘Fantastic humour, charming presence, and unique magic’ (WorldMagicReview.com).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ CC Blooms (CC Blooms)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-15 12:30(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Amazing Bubble Man
Louis Pearl
Most suitable for ages 0 and older
An Edinburgh favourite who sells out every year, Louis explores the breathtaking dynamics of bubble art, science, magic and fun. Combining comedy, artistry, music and audience participation, his spellbinding bubble tricks keep everyone mesmerised.
Underbelly, George Square (Udderbelly)
0131 510 0395
Aug 2-4 12:30(1h) £8.00
Aug 5-6,8,11-13,18-20,25-27 12:30(1h) £12.50 (£11.00)
Aug 7,9-10,14-17,21-24,28 12:30(1h) £11.50 (£10.00)

The Bubble Show
The Highland Joker
Most suitable for ages 3 and older
Join Mr Bubbles with his extraordinary soap bubbles! Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles and even fire bubbles! An international award-winning performance which blends magic, storytelling, science and bubble art!
Assembly George Square Gardens (Piccolo)
0131 623 3030
Aug 3 10:30(1h) £7.50
Aug 4-15,17-20 10:30(1h) £14.50 (£12.50)

The Crazy Puppet Magic Show
Leigh Milne
Most suitable for ages 5 and older
UK premier magician and kids’ entertainer with hilarious interactive magic and puppet show for all the family. Great way to start the day for all ages and something for everyone! Magic! Puppets! Mayhem!
Frankenstein Pub (Bier Keller)
0131 226 0000
Aug 7-11,13-20 12:00(55m) £5.00

The Greatest Magic Show
Showmen Productions
Most suitable for ages 4-12
‘This is the show to see!’ SSSSS (Entertainment-Now.com). Join Sam, Justin and The Ringmaster in this family-friendly spectacle filled with side-splitting comedy and incredible illusions! Plus a free magic wand on entry!
Assembly George Square Gardens (Palais du Variete)
0131 623 3030
Aug 2-3 14:30(1h) £10.50
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 14:30(1h) £14.50 (£13.50) (£50.00 F)
Aug 9-10,14-15,17,22-24,28 14:30(1h) £13.00 (£12.00) (£46.00 F)

Magic Gareth: Level Up!
Magic Gareth
Most suitable for ages 4 and older
One-up your Fringe game this festival by adding mind-blowing magic, a grumpy unicorn and 10 XP! Magic Gareth returns with this magical family extravaganza including games, tomfoolery and trickery live on stage!
Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Above)
0131 556 6550
Aug 2-15, 17-20 10:30(1h) £9.00 (£8.00)

Mario the Maker Magician
Mario the Maker Magician in association with Underbelly
Most suitable for ages 3 and older
Robot magic live! Join the ever endearing Mario as he leads you through a romping explosion of contagious energy and belly laughs. As seen on Sesame Street! ‘The best kids’ magician in the world!!’ (David Blaine).
Underbelly, George Square (Udderbelly)
0131 510 0395
Aug 2-4 10:55(50m) £8.00
Aug 5-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 10:55(50m) £13.50 (£12.50)
Aug 9-10,15-17,21-24 10:55(50m) £12.50 (£11.50)

Saturday Morning Magic
Tim Licata
Most suitable for ages 7-12
Bring the kids for magical mischief at the Scottish Arts Club! One of Scotland’s favourite magicians, Tim Licata astounds audiences with delightful deception. Magic the whole family can enjoy! From kids to adults, Tim is brilliant!
Scottish Arts Club (Scottish Arts Club Lounge (Café))
0131 226 0000
Aug 19 10:30(45m) £8.00 (£20.00 F)


Adults Only Magic Show
Showmen Productions
‘An absolute riot!’ SSSSS (TheatreWeekly.com). This is an absolute jam-packed adults only spectacular! Starring Sam and Justin, a unique display of raucous comedy, illusions and just a cheeky hint of nudity!
Assembly George Square Studios (Studio Three)
0131 623 3030
Aug 2-3 21:15(1h10m) £12.00
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 21:15(1h10m) £15.50 (£14.50)
Aug 9-10,14-17,22-24 21:15(1h10m) £14.50 (£13.50)

Alex Something Is Missing Again!
Alex Kouvatas / PBH’s Free Fringe
Join Alex the magician, on his hilarious quest for magic and existential meaning, again. You’ll leave his awe-inspiring show feeling entertained, bedazzled and maybe enlightened. ‘Kouvatas stands out as a master’ (WorldMagicReview.com).
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Pilgrim (Back Lounge)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-6,8-13,15-20,22-27 14:20(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Hypnotist Matt Hale: Top Fun! 80s Spectacular
Hypnotist Matt Hale
Joyful. Crazy. Fun! The unmissable international smash-hit comedy hypnosis show with 80s party vibes. Laugh along, sing along or even star in the show. You choose! All-ages friendly, grab tickets now!
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose (Big Yin)
0131 622 6552
Aug 2-4 17:00(1h) £10.00
Aug 5-6,9-10,15-17,21-24 17:00(1h) £14.00 (£13.00)
Aug 7-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 17:00(1h) £15.00 (£14.00)

Las Vegas in Edinburgh
Siegfried and Joy
At this show, a sleight-of-hand spectacle bringing a little Vegas to Edinburgh. Marvel at the two magicians’ mind-bending illusions, brilliant comedy and incredible stage presence at the Fringe premiere on a stunning night of entertainment.
theSpace on the Mile (Space 3)
0131 510 2384
Aug 21-26 19:40(45m) £10.00 (£8.00)

Married at First Sleight
Hudson and Hudson
What happens when two magicians get married? Alan and Kat Hudson (Britain’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us) join forces in a magic comedy show that could lead to fame and fortune. Or divorce.
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose (Dram)
0131 622 6552
Aug 2-4 15:40(1h) £9.00
Aug 5-6,9-10,15-17,21-24 15:40(1h) £10.50 (£9.50)
Aug 7-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 15:40(1h) £12.00 (£11.00)

Pete Heat: Huge
Impatient Productions
Smart, surreal and joyously unhinged, this hilarious modern magic show will break your brain into cute little pieces. ‘Would have given Jesus a run for his money’ (Alex Horne). ‘What the f*ck just happened?’ SSSSS (ThreeWeeks).
Pleasance Dome (JackDome)
0131 556 6550
Aug 2-3 19:00(1h) £7.00
Aug 4-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 19:00(1h) £13.00 (£12.00)
Aug 9-10,14,16-17,21-24 19:00(1h) £11.50 (£10.50)


Museum Late: Fringe Fridays
National Museum of Scotland
Enjoy a unique flavour of the Fringe and explore the museum after hours. From comedy and cabaret to music and magic, across two exhilarating party nights.
National Museum of Scotland (Grand Gallery)
0300 123 6789
Aug 11,18 19:30(3h) £22.00 (£20.00)


It’s Magic, but Is It Art?
Dimis Michaelides
In this modern magic show, Dimis takes you on a journey to explore the changing meaning of art. He will tell stories and challenge your mind, as good art and magic must always do.
Paradise in The Vault (The Vault)
0131 510 0022
Aug 14-19,21-27 12:20(1h) £12.00 (£10.00) (£40.00 F)

Magic for Animals
Liz Toonkel
Magic for Animals is a one-woman magic show about agency, consent, and animal rights. Liz Toonkel uses sparkling, incisive humour to offer a refreshing antidote to the gendered and speciesist tradition of magic.
Greenside @ Infirmary Street (Olive Studio)
0131 226 0000
Aug 4-5,7-12,14-19,21-26 23:25(50m) £12.00 (£10.00) (£40.00 F)

The Mystery of Dracula
David Alnwick / PBH’s Free Fringe
Van Helsing’s descendant conjures Dracula’s ghost.
‘A distinct play/magic show… Bridged the genres of theatre and magic’ SSSSS (WorldMagicReview.com). ‘A one-man play, and a magic show… Darkly delightful’ (NowThenMagazine.com). SSSS (BroadwayBaby.com). SSSS (FringeGuru.com). By David Alnwick.
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms (Speakeasy)
0131 226 0000
Aug 5-27 21:05(1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

Séance: Live
Sam Lupton / Grim Up North Productions
Do you believe in ghosts? Experience a Victorian séance, hosted by a sceptic. Expect audience interaction using age-old techniques. A once-in-this-lifetime experience, not for the faint hearted. For entertainment purposes – not a spiritual gathering.
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose (Other Yin)
0131 622 6552
Aug 3-4 21:00(1h) £10.00
Aug 5-6,9-10,14,16-17,21-24 21:00(1h) £12.50 (£11.50)
Aug 7-8,11-13,18-20,25-27 21:00(1h) £13.50 (£12.50)

So there you have it. There’s a good amount of magic to be seen at this year’s Fringe – and that’s before we mention the street entertainers who are always a real highlight of The Fringe and who help create an amazing atmosphere in the city.

If you are going to watch any of the shows, have a great time. If you are performing, whether it is in a show mentioned above or street shows, I hope your ticket sales are great and your hats and buckets are full.

Maybe see you there?

The Cardman

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