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This year’s Edinburgh Fringe programme was released a few weeks ago but, due to being on holiday with very limited internet access and things being very busy after getting home, this is the first chance I’ve had to post the listings of the magic and magic-related shows that are on this year.

If you notice that I have missed your show, please drop me an e-mail at peter@thecardman.co.uk and let me know so I can update this list.

Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret
Candid Cabaret
Back for its third year, Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret promises to treat you to another ‘veritable smorgasbord of Fringe performances’ **** (ThreeWeeks), featuring the finest burlesque, comedy, magic and much more from around the world! ***** (BroadwayBaby.com).
Club Rouge: Cabaret and Show Bar • 81-83 Lothian Road, EH3 9AW
Aug 2-4,8-11,15-18,22-23: 20:00 (1h30m) £5.00
Ben Hart – The Outsider
Corrie McGuire for Objective Talent by arrangement with Stephen Baker
Having spent his life using magic to solve impossible problems, award-winning magician Ben Hart turns his attention to himself, exploring magical, amazing and unusual memories and neurosis. Directed by Anthony Owen (Derren Brown/The Real Hustle).
Underbelly, Cowgate • 56 Cowgate (entrances on Cowgate and Victoria Street), EH1 1EG
Aug 1-2: 17:05 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12,14-15,19-22: 17:05 (1h) £9.50 (£8.50)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 17:05 (1h) £10.50 (£9.50)
Chris Cross: Seeing Is Not Believing…
Chris Cross Entertainment/PBH’s Free Fringe
A late night comedy magic show with a twist from the Fringe’s favourite showman! Expect off-the-wall magic, contortion and escapology. It’s free but not shit! ‘Must-see show’ (Stage). **** (BroadwayBaby.com 2011, 2012). www.chris-cross.co.uk Twitter: @TheChrisCross
Wilkie House • 207 Cowgate, EH1 1JQ
Aug 18-22: 23:00 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
Doug Segal: I Can Make You a Mentalist
Mick Perrin Worldwide
Multi award-winning Doug returns with a brand new show that’ll turn you into mind reading mentalists. Comedy, animation, mind blowing miracles performed by you, the audience. ‘Simply brilliant’ ***** (Scottish Sunday Express).
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 18:30 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12,14-15,19-22,26: 18:30 (1h) £9.00 (£8.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 18:30 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)
God versus The Mind Reader
Mark Cairns
A mind reader who makes people believe things that aren’t true for a living sets out to understand his wife’s secret conversion to Islam. What makes humans believe in the unbelievable? Mind-blowing, sceptical, funny. www.godvsmindreader.com
theSpace on the Mile • 80 High Street, EH1 1TH
Aug 2-3: 14:50 (50m) £5.00
Aug 5-7,12-14,19-21: 14:50 (50m) £8.50 (£7.50)
Aug 8-10,15-17,22-24: 14:50 (50m) £9.50 (£8.50)
The Graveyard Shift: Magic on the Dark Side
Quids In Theatre Company with Kreestan Sennakie
Join Kreestan Sennakie, storyteller and magician on a journey through the darker side of magic. Not for the faint-hearted.
SpaceCabaret @ 54 • North Bridge, EH1 2HE
Aug 2-3,5-17: 21:40 (45m) £10.00 (£8.00)
La Clique
La Clique/The Famous Spiegeltent
The outrageous, award-winning, five-star La Clique returns to Edinburgh with an array of unforgettably charismatic characters. Funny, sexy and dangerous, La Clique showcases the world’s best circus, cabaret, burlesque and magic. ‘The greatest show on the Fringe’ (Scotsman).
The Famous Spiegeltent • 54 George Street, EH2 2LR
Aug 2-25: 22:00 (1h30m) £20.00 (£17.00)
Lorenzo Novani (aka Renz)
Drawing inspiration from shamans, mystics and spiritualists, magician and mentalist Lorenzo Novani takes you on a mesmerising journey into the theatre of the mind! Expect audience involvement, and moments of deep astonishment. ‘This man is a genius’ (Citizens Theatre).
Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall • 22 Hanover Street, EH2 2EP
Aug 11-17: 20:40 (1h) £7.50 (£6.50)
Oliver Meech: When Magic and Science Collide
Oliver Meech
A comedy magic show for the QI generation. Amazing tricks inspired by astounding science. It’s the Natural Selection! ‘Could rival Derren Brown’ (Theatre-Wales.co.uk). ‘Funny, endearing, impressive showmanship’ (ThreeWeeks). Sell out: Green Man Festival.
Just the Tonic at The Caves • Enter from The Rowantree Bar (under South Bridge), 253 Cowgate, EH1 1LG
Aug 1-2: 14:20 (1h) £5.00
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-25: 14:20 (1h) £9.00 (£8.00)
Aug 5-8,12,14-15,19-22: 14:20 (1h) £8.00 (£7.00)
Paul Dabek – Stand Up and Be Conjured
Paul Dabek/PBH’s Free Fringe
Free Fringe favourite Paul Dabek returns with a devilishly deceptive show. Expect mind-blowing magic and comedy from the UK’s third most charming conjurer. Catch Dabek whilst he’s still free. ‘Superb showman’ (Time Out).
The Voodoo Rooms • West Register Street, EH2 2AA
Aug 3-25: 21:35 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
Pick a Card, Any Card (No, Not That One!)
John Henry Blackwood/PBH’s Free Fringe
Close-up card magic with a true English gentleman. Hear tall tales of a magician learning his craft and be confounded by events which are not easily explained.
The Street • 2B Picardy Place, EH1 3JT
Aug 3-24: 14:45 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
Piff the Magic Dragon & Mr Piffles
The Piff the Magic Dragon Show
He’s played Sydney Opera House. Toured with Mumford & Sons. Had over ten million hits on YouTube. But enough about Mr Piffles – The World’s First Conjuring Chihuahua. Piff’s back too. **** (Time Out).
Pleasance Dome • Potterow, 1 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL
Aug 1-2: 19:10 (1h) £6.50
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-25: 19:10 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00)
Aug 5-8,14-15,21-22: 19:10 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)
Aug 12-13,19-20: 19:10 (1h) £8.50 (£7.50)
Psyche – Do You Mind?
Leandro Morgado/PBH’s Free Fringe
Tired of the voice in your head? Tired of trying to contact your inner- self? Tired of rhetorical questions? This is a show about your brain. Comedy, mind reading and bizarre magic put together Psyche … for those who mind.
The Voodoo Rooms • West Register Street, EH2 2AA
Aug 3-17: 15:00 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
6 Hats and an Irishman
Paddy McCullagh
It is a rollicking hour taking in comedy, magic, improvisation, banjo, storytelling and even some puppetry. Paddy’s is not your normal stand-up. What it is, is entertaining and a hell of a lot of fun.
Laughing Horse @ City Cafe • 19 Blair Street, EH1 1QR
Aug 1-18: 16:15 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
Young & Strange – Magic, Illusion and a Hate for Each Other
Young & Strange
PBH’s Free Fringe proudly presents the return of the bickering illusionists: Young & Strange. Featuring some of the biggest illusions at the Fringe and the duo’s blend of humour.
The Jam House • 5 Queen Street, EH2 1JE
Aug 3-23: 18:30 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed)
Your Place Or Mind
Ian Harvey Stone
Mind reader, hypnotist and psychic entertainer Ian Harvey Stone presents his brand new show. An incredible interactive mix of psychology, magic, hypnosis and the esoteric arts. Is there more to chance than chance alone?
Arthur Conan Doyle Centre • 25 Palmerston Place, EH12 5AP
Aug 13: 20:00 (1h50m) £5.00
Aug 14-17: 20:00 (1h50m) £10.00 (£9.00)
The Amazing Bubble Man
Louis Pearl/The Assembly Rooms
Louis Pearl has been thrilling audiences around the world for nearly 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. A Fringe favourite, he has sold out every year for the last six years.
The Assembly Rooms • 54 George Street, EH2 2LR
Jul 31-Aug 1: 11:05 (50m) £10.00 (£8.00)
Aug 2-25: 11:05 (50m) £11.00 (£9.00)
Funny Stuff for Happy People
Martin ‘Bigpig’ Mor
A show for all the family. Comedy, storytelling, magic, and some stupid science. Martin has been performing his shows all over the world for almost 30 years. Martin ‘Bigpig’ Mor is very funny.
Laughing Horse @ City Cafe • 19 Blair Street, EH1 1QR
Aug 9-18: 12:30 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)
Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic
Corrie McGuire for Objective Talent
Based on the hit TV show this is a jaw-dropping magic spectacular for all the family. Witness Interactive Illusions, Up Close and Magical and Tricks of the Trade, as seen on CBBC.
Underbelly, Bristo Square • Bristo Square, EH8 9AL
Aug 1-2: 13:10 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-15,19-22: 13:10 (1h) £11.50 (£10.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 13:10 (1h) £12.00 (£10.50)
I Hate Children Children’s Show
Unusual Productions
Magic for teens, tweens and hot soccer moms! Throw some whisky in your sippy-cup and bring the kids to a show that’s as much fun for parents as for kids. ‘Best Children’s Show’ (ThreeWeeks).
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 11:50 (1h) £7.00
Aug 3-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 11:50 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)
Aug 7-8,14-15,21-22: 11:50 (1h) £9.00 (£8.00)
Aug 12-13,19-20,26: 11:50 (1h) £8.00 (£7.00)
Poopiedoopie Productions
Poopiedoopiedoop is a hilariously silly kids show, fun for kids and parents alike. Marvellous stories, whacky characters, science experiments, games, farts, dancing, and magic! Perfect for kids aged 4-10.
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 11:30 (50m) £5.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,14-15,21-22: 11:30 (50m) £7.50 (£5.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 11:30 (50m) £8.50 (£5.00)
Something in My Shoe
Ian Saville/Free Festival
Ian Saville’s magic show for children aged 4–10 and their grown-up friends. ‘Really captures the children – low-key, apparently simple tricks which they can’t quite get to the bottom of, and wonderful joining in’ (Scotsman).
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters • 139 Cowgate, EH1 1JS
Aug 2-4,6-11,13-18,20-25: 12:00 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed)
Van Buren and Gandey’s Victorian Wonders Carnival
Van Buren and Gandey’s Victorian Wonders Carnival
Festival family entertainment. A glimpse of the past as we recreate sideshows and illusions of yesteryear, test your skills on games in their original format for kids aged 2 to 102!
St Andrew Square Garden • St Andrew Square, EH2 1AF
Aug 2-25: 12:00 (30m) £6.00
Aug 2-25: 13:00 (30m) £6.00
Aug 2-25: 14:00 (30m) £6.00
Aug 2-25: 15:00 (30m) £6.00
Aug 2-25: 16:00 (30m) £6.00
Aug 2-25: 17:00 (30m) £6.00
Aug 2-25: 18:00 (30m) £6.00
Aug 2-25: 19:00 (30m) £6.00
Alan Hudson: Magician or Superhero?
Alan Hudson
Super strength, X-ray vision and lightning fast speed can be fantastic fun if used for personal gain, without saving the world. ‘Hudson is an astounding comic, magician and mind reader’ **** (ThreeWeeks), **** (Metro).
Just the Tonic at The Caves • Enter from The Rowantree Bar (under South Bridge), 253 Cowgate, EH1 1LG
Aug 1-4: 16:40 (1h) £5.00
Aug 5-8,12,14-15,19-22: 16:40 (1h) £9.00 (£7.00)
Aug 9-11,16-18,23-25: 16:40 (1h) £11.00 (£9.00)
The Boy With Tape On His Face: More Tape
Lee Martin for Gag Reflex Management
Back by popular demand. Your last chance to see the multi award- winning, sell-out show! ‘Indescribably wonderful’ (Tim Minchin). ‘Spectacular! …fight for a ticket!’ ***** (Time Out).
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-24: 21:40 (1h) £13.50 (£11.00)
Aug 5-8,14-15,21-22: 21:40 (1h) £12.50 (£10.00)
Aug 19-20: 21:40 (1h) £12.00 (£9.50)
The Colour Ham
Colour Ham
‘Ingenious’ (Scotsman). The surprise hit of 2012 are back with their brand new show. ‘These guys had the audience in the palm of their magical hands – straight up belly laughs for the entire hour’ **** (Skinny).
Just the Tonic at The Caves • Enter from The Rowantree Bar (under South Bridge), 253 Cowgate, EH1 1LG
Aug 1,4: 19:45 (1h) £5.00
Aug 2-3,11,18: 19:45 (1h) £8.00 (£7.00)
Aug 5-6,9-10,16-17,23-24: 19:45 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00)
Aug 7-8: 19:45 (1h) £10.00 (£9.00)

Gamarjobat (ga-ma-jo-bat) Rock Out!
Komedia Entertainment Ltd
The global comedy sensation are back, this time determined to join the rock’n’roll hall of fame. Fringe sell-out, always to rave reviews: let Gamarjobat rock your world! ‘Cartoon characters come to life’ (New York Times)
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Aug 2-3: 16:30 (1h) £6.00
Aug 4,7-8,12,14-15,19,21-22,26: 16:30 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 16:30 (1h) £13.00 (£11.00)

Get Involved Charabang!
Get Involved
Get Involved Charabang! A brand new showcase of only the very best in emerging talent, from breakdancing magician Magical Bones to world champion beatboxer, Reeps One. Don’t let the Charabang pass you by! Check www.getinvolvedltd.com for line-up.
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Aug 2-4,7-11,14-18,21-25: 00:15 (1h30m) £12.00 (£10.00)
Miracles Etc
Pete Heat
Comedy. Magic. Casual miracles. ‘He’s Noel Fielding performing sleight of hand, some lanky, cuddly love-child of Demitri Martin and Mitch Hedberg’ **** (Fest). ‘Excellent at what he does and also very, very funny’ ***** (FringeGuru.com). ‘Mind-boggling’ **** (ThreeWeeks).
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 20:15 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-25: 20:15 (1h) £12.00 (£10.00)
Aug 5-8,12-15,19-22,26: 20:15 (1h) £10.00 (£8.50)
Morgan and West: A Grand Adventure
Morgan and West with HMD Productions
Join the magical duo as they cross continents, meddle with miscreants and sneak into secret societies. Can they catch the crooks, recover their quarry and confound the crowds? Sell-out shows 2009 – 2012.
Gilded Balloon Teviot • Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 16:15 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-4,7-8,12-13,15,19-22,26: 16:15 (1h) £9.50 (£8.50)
Aug 5-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 16:15 (1h) £10.50 (£9.50)
Pete Firman – Scoundrel
Phil McIntyre Entertainments arranged with Corrie McGuire at Objective Talent
Prepare yourself as ‘the UK’s leading comedy magician’ (Time Out) returns with an astonishing new show. As seen on BBC2’s The Sarah Millican Television Programme, Channel 4’s Mash-Up, BBC1’s The Magicians. Part comedian, part magician, all scoundrel!
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 21:20 (1h) £8.50
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-25: 21:20 (1h) £15.00 (£13.50)
Aug 5-8,14-15,21-22: 21:20 (1h) £12.50 (£11.00)
Aug 12-13,19-20: 21:20 (1h) £11.50 (£10.00)
Peter Antoniou: Comedium
Peter Antoniou and DBS Productions
The psychic comedian returns, fondling frontal lobes and tickling funny bones. Fearing the future? Pondering the past? Just wondering how a psychic spends his day? Peter has answers for you. ***** (WhatsOnStage.com). **** (ThreeWeeks). **** (BroadwayBaby.com).
Sweet Grassmarket • Apex International Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS
Aug 1-3: 16:10 (1h) £5.00
Aug 4-25: 16:10 (1h) £7.00 (£5.00)
Slightly Fat Features
The Pleasance/Slightly Fat Features
Riotous comedy cabaret troupe. Astonishing physical skills and orchestrated mayhem. Tiger taming, bullet catching, knife throwing, motorbike madness. Part Monty Python, part Cirque du Soleil. ‘Comedy magic’ (Independent). ‘Laugh out loud entertainment’ (Evening Standard). ‘Pure showmen’ (Stage).
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 17:50 (1h10m) £6.00
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-25: 17:50 (1h10m) £13.00 (£12.00)
Aug 5-8,14-15,21-22: 17:50 (1h10m) £12.00 (£11.00)
Aug 13,19-20,26: 17:50 (1h10m) £10.00
Tom Binns is Ian D Montfort: Psychic Fayre
Tom Binns/CKP
After triumphant BBC Radio 2 series, the New Age guru, psychic and medium returns; passing on messages, making predictions and telling fortunes. ‘Funny enough to kill you from asphyxiation’ (Magic Circle Magazine).
Pleasance Courtyard • 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Jul 31-Aug 2: 18:40 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-25: 18:40 (1h) £14.50 (£13.50)
Aug 5-8,14-15,21-22: 18:40 (1h) £13.50 (£11.50)
Aug 12-13,19-20: 18:40 (1h) £11.50 (£10.00)
NoFit State Circus
In a sea of irreverent chaos and a world of knots; aerialists, acrobats and magicians twist and bend the frontiers of reality. Noodles is the perfect lunchtime dish: light-hearted and surreal with a side of complete madness.
New Town Theatre • Freemasons’ Hall, 96 George Street, EH2 3DH
Aug 2-5,7-12,14-19,21-25: 12:45 (1h10m) £12.00 (£10.00) (£40.00 F)
Richard Wiseman – Psychobabble
Lakin McCarthy Entertainment Ltd/The Assembly Rooms
Best-selling author, psychologist and magician Richard Wiseman rummages around in your mind. Discover how to tell lies, read thoughts and transform a tea towel into a chicken. Several laughs. No Powerpoint.
The Assembly Rooms • 54 George Street, EH2 2LR
Aug 4: 12:30 (1h) £10.00
At The Illusionist’s Table
Rogue Compass Productions
Objects float, whisky materialises, dreams are revealed. Set at the exclusive 28 Queen Street, Illusionist Scott Smith hosts an exquisite evening of fine dining and whisky tasting interwoven with breathtaking magic. An extraordinary and unforgettable experience…
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society – 28 Queen Street • 28 Queen Street, EH2 1JX
Aug 2-3,6-9,13-17,20-24: 19:15 (2h15m) £49.00
Chris Dugdale – Magic and Mischief!
Chris Dugdale Int Ents
Chris Dugdale – Magic and Mischief! A unique blend of magic, mind control and mischief. Dynamic, hard-hitting magic that will entertain and astound. You’ve seen him on TV now see him live!
Assembly George Square • George Square, EH8 9LH
Jul 31-Aug 2: 19:30 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-6,9-11,16-18,23-25: 19:30 (1h) £12.00 (£11.00)
Aug 7-8,13-15,20-22,26: 19:30 (1h) £11.00 (£10.00)
Devil in the Deck
Unusual Productions
A timeless fairy tale of love, magic and adventure. Jack Swindle is a smooth-talking grifter cursed by a bad Tarot reading. ‘Beautifully executed’ (SF Chronicle). ‘An excellent piece of theatre, magic and storytelling’ (WhatsOnStage.com).
Pleasance Dome • Potterow, 1 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL
Jul 31-Aug 2: 16:10 (1h) £6.00
Aug 3-4,9-11,16-18,23-25: 16:10 (1h) £9.00 (£8.00)
Aug 6-8,14-15,21-22: 16:10 (1h) £8.00 (£7.00)
Aug 13,20: 16:10 (1h) £7.00 (£6.00)
Free Money Magic Show
Ian Saville/Free Festival
A free show about money from socialist magician Ian Saville. Despite his comedy and magical talents, Ian remains skint. This show explains why. With Karl Marx, and Ian’s financial adviser (a ventriloquist’s dummy). ‘Magnificently bonkers’ (Independent).
Laughing Horse @ The Newsroom • 5-11 Leith Street, EH1 3AT

Aug 1-4,6-11,13-18,20-25: 19:30 (50m) (Free Non-ticketed)

Lexi Heart, The Singing Magician

PBH Free Fringe

A woman vanishes. But before she disappears her story is told, peppered with beautiful illusions as melody and mayhem combine. Sometimes sad, sometimes silly, always magical, Lexi carries us through her bizarre world and unsettles our reality as she goes.  “A dishevelled Jessica Rabbit crossed with Paul Daniels” JazzFM.

Cafe Camino • 1 Little King Street, EH1 3JR
Aug 3-24: 15:45 (1h) (Free Non-ticketed)

So there you have it.  There’s a fair number of magic and magic-related shows on this year.  If you’re going to be there, I’ll maybe see you there.  Then again, with so many shows on at the fringe, perhaps not.  Have a great time if you are going.

Speak soon.

The Cardman 🙂

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  1. You forgot the Grumpy Magicians Paul and John who this year are going Christmas shopping, well you can never start too early ! We're at Whynot every day, not not the 12th then its magical mixtures. At 8pm. This will be our third year

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