Hi folks. Just a quick post today.

First of all, I hope you all had as good a Christmas as you could and not only that Santa was good to you but also that you were good to Santa.

My main reason for posting is to let you all know (in case you didn’t know already) that a friend of mine from Ireland, Keith Barry, finally has his TV special on this Saturday night (29th December) at 9pm on ITV1. I say “finally” as this was originally supposed to have been broadcast earlier this year. There was one small problem – Keith was the victim of a horrific car crash that smashed both his legs. Well, the bones are healed and the recovery complete and Keith’s special – “Keith Barry: The Escape – Live” – will finally appear on our screens.

“The Escape” that is mentioned is being broadcast live at the end of the special and involves Keith being bound to a chair in 100 feet of rope, locked inside a garden shed which is packed with explosives and then someone will light the fuse. Yes, this guy IS a nutter!

Keith, I don’t know if you’ll get a chance to read this during your preparations for Saturday night, but all the best (I won’t say “break a leg!”) with the show and the escape. I know I’ll be watching – albeit through my fingers!!!

Happy viewing, folks!

Speak soon

The Cardman 🙂

PS (added 4 January 2007) I’ve had one person comment on this post so far but I’ve decided not to publish it. The person commenting was giving away part of the method of one of the pieces Keith performed in his show and I do not like any form of exposure in a public place such as this blog. If it were in private or on a magicians-only forum, fine, but not here.

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