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Today’s blog post brings us more information about International Magic’s Festival of Magic, which will be taking place from Monday 14th to Thursday 17th November in the Bridewell Theatre in London, immediately prior to the 40th International Magic Convention – 18th to 20th November at the Mermaid Theatre.  I’ll pass you onto the gang from International Magic…

Max Maven – Thinking In Person”, which forms part of the Festival of Magic at the Bridewell Theatre, has now sold out.  To compensate for all those Maven devotees that are unable to join him that night, Max has agreed to an intimate evening of interview, including questions from the audience, on the preceding Thursday night, 17th November, at the same location.  The evening will be one of the 5 evenings at the venue that comprise the public show element of the Festival.

Monday 14th November sees a rare re-incarnation of John Lenahan’s Monday Night Magic with guests including John Archer and Danny Buckler, Tuesday 15th November comprises of a double bill with a gambling based show comprising of individual sets from Guy Hollingworth, Jason England and Paul Wilson  followed by Pete Wardell’s one man show “Hustle”. Wednesday night, 16th November, is another double bill of both Todd Landman and Quentin Reynold’s individual mentalism-based one man shows.

Booking details for all these evening shows and events can be found at the London Festival of Magic pages on the International Magic website which, with the sliding price scale based on the number of evenings you attend, gives unbeatable value for money, starting at under £7 per event.

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