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The Gala Show (19 & 20 November) at this years International Magic Convention – known affectionately known as “Ron’s” – once again promises to be a wonderful evening’s entertainment of magic and variety including three completely new-to-the-UK acts. These include a phenomenal Korean manipulator, a German act packed with unbelievable magic and surprises and an act based on one of the oldest principles in magic but brought bang up to date with a contemporary twist. We’d tell you their names but in this day of You Tube we’d much prefer you to experience their magic for the first time live and in person in the comfort of The Mermaid Theatre rather than alone on a computer screen!

Alongside these acts premièring in Great Britain, are some old favourites from previous Gala Shows including David Williamson, Simmons and Simmons, and London’s first stage appearance of Sweden’s Tom Stone. A great evening of magic, laughter and speciality acts that you can be proud to bring your friend and families to.

Tickets are available for Saturday and Sunday night – but remember if you’re planning to attend the one-off Saturday Night performance of Max Maven’s one man show Thinking in Person: An Evening of Knowing and Not Knowing at The Bridewell Theatre you will definitely need to book Gala Show tickets for the Sunday. Tickets for all shows, the Convention and specialist seminars in London’s Festival of Magic are available on the International Magic website.

If you have been reading my blog over the last wee while, you will know how much I enjoy the International Magic Convention. The Gala Show is always one of the many highlights and this year looks no different. Book your tickets before it’s too late!

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