Hi folks

Always a high spot of The International Magic Convention, the Close Up Competition has now reached it’s allocated number of entrants. If you wish to be added to the waiting list, for a spot in the event of drop outs, please contact georgia@internationalmagic.com.

The winning performer, picked by the international panel of judges which includes many foreign Convention organisers, wins the Kevin Reay Trophy, an invitation to the FFFF Convention in America and £1000 cash. In the year leading up to each FISM Convention the Competition has traditionally had a very high standard and MacMillan family hope that you’ll be able to join them this year for another exciting event.
If you do not believe me about how strong the competition can be, get in touch with the gang at International and buy yourself the DVDs of the 2005 International Close Up Competition. The calibre that year was the best I had seen in any competition outwith FISM.
As always, registration details for the whole Convention and other extra magical events in the same week can be found on the International Magic website.
Speak soon.
The Cardman 🙂

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