Next weekend, I’ll be flying to Stockholm in Sweden for the 2006 FISM World Championships of Magic. During the week, 3 cities will be vying to become the host city for the 2009 FISM World Championships – Beijing in China, Vienna in Austria and Granda in Spain. Sadly, the Chinese do not have a website set up for their bid but both the Vienna and Granada bids have got good websites allowing you to see what they have in store, should they win.
I am going to boldly put my hat in the ring and say that with the information that I have found online and that I’ve been given from people “in the know”, I’m going to back the Spanish bid in their quest to host FISM World Championships of Magic 2009. And not just because they have downloadable pictures on their sites, but because of the whole package – the production staff, the performers that they have “promised”, the venue, etc.

Granada 2009 Candidate City for the 24th FISM World Championships of Magic

Whatever happens, we’ll find out who is hosting FISM 2009 in a couple of weeks’ time. I’ll keep you posted.

The Cardman 🙂

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