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Today, I have a little bit more information about this year’s London Festival Of Magic, taking place next month (yay!) in London.  I’m going to hand you over to Noel Britten, the Talent Co-Ordinator of both The London Festival Of Magic and The International Magic Convention who will give you all the details.

“In the world of magic the word ‘genius’ is bandied around rather too freely in my mind.  For those of you who would like to experience the presence of someone who truly deserves the title should make sure that they are in London on November 18th.

Lubor Fiedler will be making his first appearance in over 10 years, and joining the Creativity Seminar which forms part of the London’s Festival Of Magic (which is taking place all that week in the lead up to The International Magic Convention).  Creator of some of the most stunning visual and original effects in magic, Lubor’s methods are often as entertaining as the initial effect, and many which remain as baffling to you even when you perform them!  Often uncredited it was Lubor who invented, amongst many hundreds of other of effects, the Coin Thru Rubber, 4-D, Invisible Zone and Gozinta Boxes (you can check them out on You Tube!).

Lubor will be joining Tom Stone and Mark Setteducati for a whole day of performance, explanations, lectures and discussion and this will be an unmissable day to witness and experience three of magic’s most creative minds.  I expect it to be a really fascinating day, and in these days of people thinking that using red-backed cards instead of blue as some huge creative leap, I urge people to come and be inspired into thinking in a more creative way in terms of both what they do and how they do it.  The evening sees the start of the Convention with Harry Anderson’s first UK appearance and lecture, so even if you are working at the weekend, this one day alone would be worth attending.”

Remember that registration details can be found at The International Magic website but act quickly as I understand that tickets for all events are going very quickly.

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