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A prediction made days or weeks in advance matches the serial number of a spectator’s borrowed bank note. 

A spectator names a card and is found to be the only card in an examinable blank deck. 

These are a couple of the effects that Alan Rorrison has just released in his latest download “A Little Bit Mental”. A few weeks ago, Alan got in front of the camera and recorded these and a couple of other mental magic effects. In the weeks since that recording, Alan has received some news that means he is going to have to take a break from performing for a wee while. Because of this enforced break, he has decided to release these effects in a new video download, entitled “A Little Bit Mental”. On it, you will find:-

Serial Thriller 
Predict the serial number on a spectators bank note!

A direct Bank Night style routine using coins.

A freely named card is THE ONLY card with a face in a fully examinable blank deck.

This is Alan’s crib system that you can carry on you at all times.

A customizable gaffed deck that you can make at home to create some amazing magic. Alan has also included simple and direct method for the Pocket Change effect.

The download lasts more than one hour and is in MP4 format, which you can play with the VLC Player (which is free!).

You can buy “A Little Bit Mental” directly from Alan at www.alanrorrison.com/alittlebitmental.html for only £10 (that’s about US$15 at the current exchange rates).

Those of you who have bought Alan’s material before will know how clever the wee guy is. Those of you who have not, go on and take the plunge. You never know, you might enjoy it!

Speak soon

The Cardman 🙂

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